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The denisons of Xiramond are a close-knit community of devilkin and a minority of other species, all united by their worship of Bilish, the god who knows the unknowable and who the devout believe lives at the heart of the Rift of Ghul Drazul.   The customs of the Xiramundians are dominated two primary forces, which may be related. First is their proximity to the Rift and the time dilation and strange gravitational effects that result, and second is the fact that all who are born in such close proximity to the rift are born as twins.   The rift, with its strange bending of time, gravity inversions and constant instances of Uhd instability have led to a way of life that is constantly beset by irrational forces.   Within this world of irrationality, Xiramundian twins see themselves as two parts of a single being that has been 'divided' before birth by Bilish in the hope that they will be able to understand the paradoxical truths that a single being can not.   The act of searching for truth and knowledge is seen by Xiramundians as the most holy and honourable of things any being can do, but equally, actually discovering a truth is seen as the height of hubris against their God, as only Bilish can know the unknown.   This fear of offending Bilish results in a strong aversion to stating anything directly, or in a way that suggests certainty. Xiramundians will talk in questions rather than statements, or if statements are used, they will be contradictory and avoid clear conclusions. At most a Xiramndian may say what something is NOT rather than what something IS, but even this level of certainty can make a devout Xiramundian uncomfortable.   A typical conversation between Xiramundians may involve many convoluted questions about previous questions, and where interpretation becomes a matter of deduction and intepretation. Misinterpretation is common, and actions based on the instructions of others are usually done in tenuous steps, and refined through trial and error.   Outsiders typically struggle with this, and it can make discussions and deals with foreigners fraught with issues. Amongst themselves however, Xiramundians have become adept at rapid, iterative trial and error, fuelled by constant questioning interactions that most projects happen surprisingly quickly.   Mistakes are celebrated and accepted and seen as just part of the paradoxical truth of success/failure, and set-backs are seen as opportunities to keep seeking for the unknowable truth.

Major organizations

The Undivided Chamber is the religious ruling body of all who identify as Xiramondian.
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