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Stonesky Drainage

The settlement known the Stonesky Drainage is located along the banks of the Godswollen River as it plunges into the long underground stretch know simply as the Stonesky. The Drainage is a multi-leveled city carved into the very rocks themselves, with huge ornate sluices and canals that frame the surging waters of the river.   The fort extends along the massive tunnel originally carved out by the river, with arches spanning the river, wide and ornate pillars keeping aloft the stone ceiling far above, and long winding walkways, or avenues, that follow each side of the river along its length for many miles. Many arches and passageways extend off from the avenues, with stairs and multi-levelled open spaces that extend like a maze beneath the sun-parched plains above.   The Drainage is one of the key cities along the Godswollen tradeway, connecting the Shimmerlands to The Gleaming City. There are heavy fortifications at the entrance, locks that allow for the passing of barges to the lower reaches, and a bustling of merchantry that is second only to the bazaars of Kukutana.   The Merchantry of the Torrent and other agents of The Gleaming City hold the power here, but since peaceful end to the generation-long Stonesky Riots upon the Apeothis of the Risen Lord Impetine, the presence of open military might is restrained.   The Merchantry has ensured that all trade must be completed under its watchful eye and control. everything from the carefully measured Uhd deliveries from the Gleaming City, with the luxurious foodstuffs from the Lands of Twilight passes through customs at the entry to the Drainage, and tolls, tithes and other levies abound to leach the unwary tradesperson.  

Leaders in masonry and underground engineering

As well as making its wealth as a vital trading port, the Stonesky Drainage leads world in underground construction and stone masonry. The Masons of the Stonesky have their unviersity within the city, and its engineers and masons are sought after the world over for their expertise. Their style and ingenuity rivals that even of the Empire at Novalucca, and many envoys from the city of the Deepkin study with and share techniques with the Masons here.
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