An Intern for Christmas


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Someone Elsewood and his partner OBLIGATORY ASSOCIATE Constance Harbor are summoned by Commander McCox and gifted a surprise: Stewart Princely. Someone finds himself highly annoyed by the new recruit, but the trio must pull things together in order to get to the bottom of an elaborate crime scheme. Several holiday heists have been happening all over the country-- seemingly unrelated house robberies with one similarity the authorities overlooked; each family visited a mall Santa before their theft occurred. Though stationed at different malls, all the Santas were found to be employed by the same company. Someone, Constance, and their newest tagalong must pose as a normal family to investigate further. Will they unravel this Christmas mystery? Better yet, will they be able to stop arguing with each other long enough to get to the mall in the first place???


I wanted to add songs to the audio but I didn't have time. I may update it, but I make no promises lol. Knowing me, it would probably take a whole other year to get that mess done. (LOL jk) In the meantime, here are a couple of musical tunes for your own enjoyment.




Commander McCox Gives Newbies the Rundown:   Stewart Princely is quite the character. He is OBSESSED with Elsewood for whatever reason... Kinda like I was obsessed with this band back in my highschool days. I collected their posters, knew each of their middle names, exact height, shoe size... everything. Too bad they broke up. They were the best. I don't even remember their names now. It was so long ago... Well, I do remember, but if I tell you, I'll be dating myself so I might as well be quiet. Not that I'm old or anything. I'm not too old. Depending on how old you are, I could probably be your dad but NOT your grandfather. You get me? Unless you are maybe fourteen? Like Stewart.   Oh. Wait... we were talking about Stewart, weren't we?   That kid annoys the mess out of Elsewood. I wouldn't admit it in front of him, but I think deserves this. He acts up a fool all the time. He's crazy as heck. I told you he was crazy, right?? I feel a bit sorry for sticking Constance with him, but I kinda like Elsewood, and I could tell Constance would do him some good. So will Stewart, I bet. Having an annoying little kid around for the holidays might be just what he needs. Plus, if anyone can handle it, it's him.   ...not to mention, if I didn't get that kid out of the office, he would have been talking my ear off, going on tangents about memes and such...   You know something funny? I heard people say I go on random tangents. Please! I don't go on tangents. You know that, right? That's ridiculous to think. Ridiculous like this frozen pizza I got the other day. You know it had the nerve to have pickles, peanut butter, pepperoni, pinapples, peppers, and popcorn?! On the pizza. Already. In the box frozen. At least pop the popcorn separately. I mean, come on, man. The popcorn... Once you bake it, will it really still be popcorn? It's gonna get all soggy and... hey!? Where are you going?!
Completion Date
December 28, 2022
Plot type
Holiday Special Audio Drama
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Character | Jan 28, 2023

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Constance Harbor
Character | Jan 27, 2023
Stewart Princely
Character | Jan 27, 2023
Gwen Ch
Character | Jan 27, 2023


Author's Note

This took me long enough, lol. Thanks so much for your patience! Have a blessed and merry season whenever you're reading or listening to these! A special shoutout of appreciation to all the wonderful voice actors who helped to make this production a success!

Starring Jeff Rose as Stewart Princely.

Featuring Jon McNally as Someone Elsewood, Ossandra White (me) as Constance Harbor, Earnest Alexander as Commander McCox, Rich Watkins as Mall Santa, and Rebecca Wang as Gwen Ch.


With additional voices from Matt McClain, Ossie White Jr. (WildZooGuy), Ossie White Sr., Cassandra White, Ossiah White, and Ossanngela White.

  Audio sounds sourced from creative commons or created by me, with the exception of the voice of Someone's CAR generated by Ossie White Jr. (WildZooGuy). All editing, production, formatting, and photography by Ossandra White (me).

Voice Cast
Generic article | Jan 27, 2023

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