AmmaZing (Am-Muh-Zing)

AmmaZing is most likely the worlds largest, most well-known, online, on-demand, order and delivery distributor. Several products at your fingertips to be selected and shipped to you, most times within hours.


This business is comprised of several warehouses all over the country stocked chock full of nearly any merchandise you can think of. The strategy is to have stock spread out in all areas, so that when popular items are bought, they can be quickly delivered to customers no matter where in the country they are located.


Speed and efficiency is what drives this entire operation. Customers want things on-demand, and the main goal is to get it to them as quickly as possible in a safe and effective manner- every single time. Incentives are given to those who help to accellerate the company's processes. Those who package products, doing so speedily and without error, are rewarded with bonuses and special acknowledgement. AmmaZing Delivery Drivers who make all their rounds in less time than originally predicted are celebrated and compensated accordingly.

Public Agenda

Most people love AmmaZing, while others are annoyed at their contribution to the "I Want It Now" attitude of society. Some disapprove of how demanding they are of their employees, while others believe that they treat their workers extremely well. All in all, AmmaZing is one of the largest, most wealthiest companies in the world, so most assume they're doing something right.


The AmmaZING Delivery Trucks and Vans are an essential part of the operation, along with the semi-trucks and cargo planes that transport merchandise from warehouse to warehouse. They have also been experimenting with drones and other automated methods of transport.   The warehouses themselves are also very key to the core of the business. Having much stock disbursed all over gives the advantage of getting products to customers more immediately.
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