AmmaZing Delivery Driver (Am-Muh-Zing De-Liv-Er-EE Dry-Ver)

AmmaZing Delivery Drivers are responsible for picking up packages from AmmaZing warehouses all over and transporting them to customers. These are most populous in the United States of America, and the busiest season for them is right around the holidays, of course. This is the time when many purchase gifts for others, and buy things for themselves to prepare for the season; outfits for parties, decorations, and other needed merchandise.



To be an AmmaZing Delivery Driver, one must pass a federal background check, in addition to possessing an active driver's license. Your record must also be clear of traffic violations for the past year.

Career Progression

AmmaZing Delivery Drivers are often promoted to freight haulers, responsible for trucking long distances transporting several parcels of stock loaded into semi-trucks from one warehouse to the next. They usually travel across the country, stopping in multiple states to pick up and drop off mass deliveries.

Payment & Reimbursement

These Delivery Drivers are paid on a bi-weekly basis. This can be in the form of a check or, more popularly, direct deposit into the employee's bank account. Around the holidays, these drivers are compensated a bit more, due to the nature of the season and the volume of deliveries. This is also an incentive to discourage workers from taking time off.

Other Benefits

AmmaZing offers basic employee benefits to their workers that include health insurance, life insurance, 401k, vacation time, among other things (though many say that their plans could use some improvement).



AmmaZING Trucks and Vans are used to help these drivers transport goods from the warehouse to the customers. They sometimes also use dollies to maneuver larger packages.


Though most of their time is spent on the road, the drivers do visit the AmmaZing warehouse to prepare for the day, pick up their vehicle, load up their packages, and get going. It is rare, but sometimes they spend their break in the break room, but this designated area barely gets used because most drivers take lunch on the road conveniently between stops as not to heavily disrupt their day.

Provided Services

The service they provide is dropping off packages carefully and efficiently. Sometimes, they are tasked with picking up parcels that were delivered to the wrong address, or unwanted goods that customers desire to return.

Dangers & Hazards

Weather and traffic are the most common obstacles these workers have to face, though they also may be at risk of robbery or hijacking due to the expensive value of their cargo. Theives are discouraged from this with notations that every AmmaZING Delivery Truck is equipped with tracking systems, but advanced hackers have discovered ways to disable or intercept the signals.
Alternative Names
AmmaZing Driver, Delivery Driver
Since AmmaZing is
It is illegal to pose as an AmmaZing Delivery Driver, decorate your vehicle in the likeness of an AmmaZING Delivery Truck, or deliver goods from your personal vehicle on behalf of Ammazing. Even though several laws are in place, these things still happen from time to time. If caught, the perpetrators will be prosecuted in the court of law, and can even risk being sued by AmmaZing itself.
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