The Laundromat

Purpose / Function

The Laundromat is an abandoned warehouse where stolen goods are brought to be redirected and sold under the radar to fuel Gwen Ch's money laundering scheme. New items are usually run through a simulation that makes them appear gently used. This takes a bit of value off the items, but, considering they were stolen in the first place, nothing too significant. This process is required to take suspicion away from the items. If a new item is stolen from a house, and that same item in new condition appears on a resell website moments afterwards, a connection will soon be made. But, if the item seems to have been used and comes with a backstory about how it has been owned for years, it will be more likely dismissed.


There are several entrances- most of which are hidden, all of which are heavily guarded and monitored.

Contents & Furnishings

Stolen goods are stored in many of its rooms, along with Gwen's elaborate usage simulator which consists of a giant conveyor belt with several moving parts.


Gwen steals everything from household appliances to furniture to clothing to toys to vehicles and more. Each item is brought in, sorted, and usage is simulated accordingly before the items are sent out to different locations all over the globe to be resold in different markets.

Hazards & Traps

In addition to the guards, multiple booby traps are installed all over the place from lasers to hidden blasters to machines that constrict and confine. When a person comes across her hidden lair, the outside is disguised to make everything seem like a harmless, abandoned warehouse. But, when her secret is discovered, she makes sure that the person who witnessed the scheme is unable to inform any others before quickly upping and relocating her entire operation.


Ever so often, Gwen relocates her lair as not to be tracked down. She never stays in one spot for long. She still refers to each new building as The Laundromat.


No matter where she takes up residence, the building has to be large enough for her to house much merchandise, and set up her equipment. It must also have room for vehicles and all of her staff members.


Each Laundromat is equipped with surveilance systems and hidden spots for Gwen's workers to spy and knock out possible intruders.
Alternative Names
Gwen Ch's Lair
Warehouse, Massive / Storage complex
Characters in Location
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