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Unofficial Challenge: Fairytale

Once upon a time…

Tell me a children’s story from your world in 1500 words or less. It should be easy to follow, and made with children in mind. Inspiration can be drawn from fairy tales and stories from real life, but try to put an original spin on it. The winner will recieve 1year of ProWritingAid Premium to help with editing in the future!

Hans Christian Anderson, The Brothers Grimm, Robert Munsch, and many others know the value of a children’s story. What are children’s stories like in your world? Do they impart knowledge or teach a lesson? Or are they simply to entertain young minds?

Submission Details

Entries should be public and published and can be linked in the comments section. It should be a new article and can be posted in any template you prefer. Remember to credit your images, even if you've made them yourself. Have fun crafting your entry!!

Entries can be written in any language but if it isn't English I will be using a translator.

by RandoScorpio, MidJourney
RandoScorpio, MidJourney

**This Challenge Is Now Closed**

Author's Note:

This is my first time running a challenge, and I am unsure how long the judging period will take me. I hope you enjoy this little challenge and if it's successful I may run another one in the future. Feedback is always welcome, and if you'd like notes on your entry please let me know and I will do my best to provide meaningful feedback.

Grammar and spelling will not be counted against you, unless the result is unreadable.


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Sep 7, 2022 04:13

Aw yeah, good luck, everyone; have fun.

Sep 7, 2022 18:23 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Nice little challenge! I have a story in mind. It's a very special story that Someone held dear as a child. Hopefully, I'll have time to post it. God bless and much success with judging! <3

Sep 7, 2022 23:11 by RandoScorpio

Thank you for your interest! I'm looking forward to reading something from Someone's past!

Sep 29, 2022 12:34 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

The article is almost done! I have a fully booked day today but I should hopefully be done with the rest of the illustrations by the deadline!

Oct 3, 2022 07:00 by RandoScorpio

This was so cute. The pictures were lovely!

Oct 3, 2022 10:50 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

aww thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed. <3

Oct 5, 2022 15:10 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

I've managed to add a soundbyte before the deadline XD

Oct 5, 2022 16:15 by RandoScorpio

I will take a look at that too!!!

Sep 7, 2022 20:34 by Icarus Crow

Finished my article! Under 1500 words but I feel like it could be better…   Either way, here ya go!

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Sep 7, 2022 23:09 by RandoScorpio

Word limits do be like that. Short stories and flash fiction is always hard to get just right. If you make any major edits before the deadline let me know and I'll re-read it and count the most recent effort!

Sep 9, 2022 10:41 by Nathalia Books

Alright here is my story Black cat of Yogon,

Every story starts with a dream so start dreaming
Sep 19, 2022 20:23 by RandoScorpio

I'm sorry this reply is so late, although I'm sure I left a comment on your story. What a fun story, thank you for your participation!

Sep 10, 2022 16:34
Sep 19, 2022 20:21 by RandoScorpio

What a lovely clear story. I liked the narration style and the incorporation of links to other articles in the world! Thank you so much for participating.

Sep 19, 2022 16:07

Here's my entry. Thank you for a fun challenge :D

The Two Princesses and the Golden Thread
Prose | Sep 19, 2022

Check out my On the Shoulders of Giants article: Satlonia
Sep 19, 2022 20:19 by RandoScorpio

I took a quick glance already! I'm glad I set a word limit since you're participating. I can't wait to read it!

Oct 1, 2022 20:46
Oct 3, 2022 07:03 by RandoScorpio

This was cool to read! Talking llamas are always neat.

Oct 4, 2022 21:10 by Mochi

Ta daaa!

The Tale of Liar's Valley
Myth | Dec 14, 2022

A tale told to eustean children.

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