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Cult of the Worm

The Cult of the Worm is a cult focused on the resurrection of Andrei Venistasia, the true King of Limbs. They are powerful Psiolics and hunters, ever-scouring the world in search for clues on how to resurrect Andrei. They want to find his amulet, his corpse, or clues to how to resurrect,

Cultists from this group frequently wear a blue sash with a winding black ribbon woven onto it, designed to look like a worm.

The ground writhed as worms wiggled up through the loamy earth. On the path ahead of us, a hunched man dragging a bag of Saumain Filterfruit staggered towards us, growling. In his other hand, he carried a dark, heavy cleaver.

"Cultist," Sorja hissed, immediately backpedaling as he reached for his side


The Cult of the Worm believes that the end times are long past, and the only way to resurrect the spirt of the world is to resurrect the man who nailed together its coffin. Their views on Andrei are varied, ranging from love to contempt. Their task keeps them working towards the same goal, though they are divided on what they will do with Andrei once he has been resurrected.


Nobody knows where the Cult of the Worm is centered from. Some belive that they hide in the Potter's Ground, while others believe they live in Abisk. They communicate through drop points, but they have many miscommunications.



The Cult supposedly learns their secrets from ancient Grimoires

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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