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Saumain Filterfruit

Saumain filterfruit are a mutated species of aubergine unique to Saumai.   They are capable of surviving in environmental extremes, and can filter even septic water into potable water. This trait has made them critical to the survival of the Saumain people.  
Trickles of water ran along the ground and between their boots, filing in from spouts on the wall and floor and roof.   Allarah caught scent of something surprisingly pleasant in its fragrance, and a glow in the distance down the hall. "Well, that's odd. I don't like it. Be ready." She approached with caution, ready to lash out with her magic at a moment's notice.   "Looks like fruit. This is a weird place for fruit to grow. Especially glowing fruit."   Allarah entered the side-room with the fruits and saw them growing on vines covering the wall. Their roots settled down into a septic pit below, and from the fruit's surface, in pores in the meat, water flowed.
This plant has been found in Grit'm, Voshurr, and Kilnrest.


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