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Grit'm was a small Sazashi settlement just west of Karim. Under the settlement is a vast network of sewers that run out along the mountain side, allowing quiet passage into the streets.   The last time the people of Grit'm were in contact with Karim they were under duress and trapped in the highest point, church in the middle of town. It is unknown if there are any survivors.   As far as they know, the city is vacant.


Grit'm's main defense is the plateau it's on. High, sheer cliffs protect it from three sides, and a series of walled tiers protect the lower tiers.


Grit'm architecture is predominantly Brutalist with hints of Valuser'rani flavor in the form of spires, engravings, and building interplay—breezeways interlink many of the buildings, making it so that you can cross most of the city without setting foot on the streets.   Underneath Grit'm runs a series of tunnels and catacombs used for drainage, storage, and disposal. These labyrinthine halls are easy to get lose in without proper orientation, and are home to Leechworms and Filterfruit, among other species.
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