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Vien is a great city built through the heart of a mountain in a time of war to act as a gate bordering the north and south. Within the city are numerous bulkheads all controlled at the city's center. When the ghosts first attacked the bulkheads were dropped, sealing the city against the specters and leaving the north at their mercy. Those within the city were sacrificed to buy the south time to prepare.

They reached the gates of Vien about halfway through the day. A sense of isolation clung to the place, exacerbated by the wind groaning over the plains they'd left behind, and the deep shadow of the mountain they were in. The air was permanently chilly due to the shadows of the mountains, and only added to the sense of desolation that hung heavy in the air.

  The gates loomed over the, dark metal against rough stone, 100 ft tall by 50ft wide. There was no way they were getting those gates open by hand, but at least the gatehouse halfway up the cliffside promised alternative entrance. Laemon was tasked to scout. He tested the stone stair leading up to the gatehouse, found it safe, and slipped inside. He wasn't gone long.

  "Gatehouse door is open," he reported, "but the power's dead." Morkun nodded. "Safety measures, the city will have powered itself down without anyone to man it, to prevent a meltdown. That or someone cut the power. Either way, we should probably find the generators and see if we can't start them back up.”
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