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An entirely Sazashi community on the coast, built on-top-of and surrounded-by the ruins of a town that existed before the fall of Abisk.

They are searching for the Library of Kohilya and it’s cache of lost pre-fall knowledge.
The Helyk lead them into the city. The great Sighre which had pulled the door open now heaved it shut, leaving the trundler and remaining crew stranded in the gravel courtyard until their return.

While not as upstanding as Karim, it was evident that Voshurr was a well-organized effort at survival. The buildings towards the walls were built of heavier materials: old shipping containers, hewn stone, and the gutted cabins and rooms of ships stacked up, leaned just-so, and welded together. The buildings towards the center were more matchstick, cobbled abodes of driftwood, corrugated tin, tarp, thatch, clay, and anything else that could be cobbled together into a building. All this build on the bones and foundation of the past. It did its best to not look ramshackle, but the materials were limiting in that regard.

As they passed through they drew quite the crowd of onlookers. Parents shooed their children away, some even ducked into their house to grab their weapons to lean on or lay across their lap as they sat on their porches.

At the center of it all, in a square of mostly complete buildings, was a great church. Cracked and crumbled spires reached up towards overcast skies, but they were not what drew the attention of the crew.

Ten feet tall and twenty feet wide, a proud statue stood on the hewn-stone mantle that loomed over the doors of the church. It was a fearsome creature with great, reaching wings, a cloak caught in the instant of a wind-gust, and a beaked mask. Engraved into the pedestal at its feet was "THE CROW" and in its hands it held a strange staff.
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Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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