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Tomb of The 6th Crow

Originally written by Barron and Ademal, edited and turned into an article by Ademal.
Crow hadn't tread this path since he was a boy. It was too dangerous to leave the city, and he had been too preoccupied.   Up the winding stone stair, through the rotten wooden door, left through the parapet hall, through the billets, and down into the chapel.   An oculus cast light down into the chapel chamber; a thin haze of dust refracted its glow around the room. At the edge of the light a pair of statues stood. One was a woman of severe angles and thin demeanor, bearing a gentle smile and wearing a robe. The other was powerful and proud despite wearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.   Crow had not seen these statues before. The King of Limbs had placed them here after the funeral, when he had come through and finished the tomb by starlight. The foundation they stood on was carved with his symbol and lain with a plaque.   "Under these stones is interred the final vigil of The 6th Crow, Page of Plagues and Stisha, Keeper of the Flame. Husband and wife. They are succeeded by their son, the 7th Crow, Page of Plagues. May their souls be kept safe here until the sun burns from the sky."   Crow felt them underfoot. No doubt Essara had bound them to their bones to keep them from becoming phantoms for as long as possible. No doubt their phantoms were still down there, clawing at the walls of their oubliette in their insane hunger.   He sucked in a heavy breath. There were tears already flowing down his cheeks. He stared at those stone likeness of his parents, long since past but never gone due to the nature of the Ghost Static.   He knelt before them, eyes stuck on his mother’s smile and father’s pride. His lay his tribute at the base of their pedestal: a tiny wooden carving of a Crow, intricate in detail and given to him by the first person the he had treated on his own.   "I'll come back when all this is over." He promised with a choked, small voice.   The doctor pushed himself to his feet. Respects were paid, his promise and goal clear as he affixed his porcelain doctor's mask and left the Chapel.   His return was silent save to the occasional sniffle.   Guil sat in the courtyard waiting for his return.   His smile greeted Crow, somber and caring.   "We've got a long road ahead. Let's do them proud."
— Secrets of Saumai, Book 1 Chapter 8
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Once this fort was a waypoint between the towns of the north and the south, a place to rest and trade goods.   Now it is a tomb. The are doors bricked off and stables silent.


The King of Limbs converted this fort into a tomb for his friends after they died.


A squat fort at the rim of the northern foothills. A lone snaggletooth of stone on a grinning ridge. Though the path up to the fort is steep and choked by ivy, it is not particularly dangerous.


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Jun 28, 2018 11:50 by TJ Trewin

Brilliant descriptive writing, as always :D

Journals of Yesteryear

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Thank you TJ! It was a very tough scene to write (I always get into my characters)

Jun 28, 2018 18:02 by Terry-Lynn L

I love the mood of this piece, it makes my heart ache for Crow. ): There's also little hints of mystery in the prose, and it makes me want to know more! You did a wonderful job!

Jun 28, 2018 18:07 by Ademal

I'm glad it moved you! :D   The quote is an excerpt of a much larger story we've been working on for a few years now. A campaign that we're going to convert into a book and put on WA. :D

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