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Dessir was once a bustling settlement that provided food and other amenities to the larger cities, now it is no more than a ghost town looked after by an aged Sheljt priest.

The trundler was easy enough to navigate through the wide main streets of Dessir, which had been paved to make way for much larger vehicles, but the side streets broke from the main arteries into winding veins that quickly narrowed down to narrow capillaries hardly two or three feet wide. This lent a hive-like feel to many of the roads, and amped up the paranoia to no end.

  The trundler pulled to a stop in the center of town. To the north a church of Bastet rose through the mist, topped with a spire of the Lady herself holding The Wheel up to the heavens. To the south and east both was a mixture of residential sprawls and small businesses, and to the west were all the factories, farms, and meatpacking plants.

  The town did not have much in way of ambitious buildings, but the church was as beautiful as one could imagine finding in a dead, backwater town on a dying, backwater planet. It was a hundred feet at highest spire, hewn from master masonwork, covered in definition statues dedicated to the pantheon. Statue saints held up statue aspirants held up statue monoliths held up statue pillars held up the roof.
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Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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