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Ymira is the city-state rules over by Lucius Crucius. It is critical for its exportation of NorthStone, a vital building material, but is reviled for its brutal and draconian system of law.

Several other city heads have attempted to overtake Ymira and enact order and mercy. Their skulls sit atop Lucius' throne, trophies to commemorate the butchering and pillaging of their cities.

The Crucius' Court is the heart of government in this place.

Underneath Ymira stretches miles of old mining tunnels and abandoned catacombs. It is here which the second, smaller city lurks. It's a city of the beaten down and the punished—of those within Ymira who broke its laws. To break the law is to incur the wratch of Crucius, and to earn the heavy weight of the iron Rat mask all convicts are forced to wear.

Though the underground of Ymira is much larger than its surface, it is too cold and dangerous for most to survive down there, and so remains an empty crypt storing the bodies of those who once lived in the cities.

Ymira was a scar upon the landscape, a gash which split the land from mountain to sea. Sunken into the gaping trench was the city. It lurked against the cold wind, like a man turning his collar up against a storm.

Ymirani people looked every bit as lean and bunched up as their city. They had grave, rough-hewn faces with grave, rough-hewn thoughts. They spoke as though breath was a resource they couldn't affort to use.


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