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Lucius Crucius

The Executioner King

Lucius Crucius began as an Executioner in Karim before being exiled for murder, extortion, and armed robbery. He moved Northwards, seeking a city that would accept him, until he had left seven cities in his wake and ended up in the frigid, empty steppes of the north road. He found a town posessed only by ghouls and abominations—an abandoned stonemine called Ymira.

While few could survive these conditions, Lucius thrived as a hunter and highwayman, terrorizing everyone who passed through his area. He recruited from those he imprisoned, and the settlement grew.

As the years whiled on and the world grew colder, Ymira ventured out into other towns, raiding them for citizens and wears until Ymira became a small city with Lucius Crucius as its leader, tormentor, judge, and executioner.

Lucius' law is simple: a head for an eye. The punishment never matches the crime, and he administers cruelty instead of time. Most crimes are punished with becoming one of the Rats—their head is secured in a welded-on rat-shaped metal helmet that prevents them from looking down. Rats are killed on sight within the city walls, so must scavenge outside of it or risk coming into the city to steal.

Lucius' favorite sport is Rat hunting. He makes sure to always leave a way in for them.

Lucius Crucius would execute the whole world, given the opportunity. He is never to be trusted.

— Sellinus
Governor of Gorshi







450 lb

Primary Weapon

Executioner's Sword

Favored Element(s)

Solid and Gaseous

Ruled Locations

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