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Crucius' Court

Crucius' Court is the colliseum in which Lucius Crucius dispenses what he classifies as justice: bloody dismemberment and execution.

The Court began life as a training pin for livestock, but has long since been surrounded in stone walls and towers, and now sits at the foot of the rough-hewn staircase which leads to Lucius' rough-hewn throne.

The dark blue stone of the colliseum pit was pitted with the vestigates of violence long past. The morning frost glinted on cracked edges, like the edge of a dagger. The glint was so bright that they were forced to shade their eyes or look away—a disadvantageous thing to do when facing down the muscleclad giant of a man thundering towards them...

The heavy gates clattered down with a sound like thunder, walling out the invading Gorshian force. Ghost and man alike broke against the electrocharged metal, and found themselves pushed back by the hordes of Ratfolk who were caught between them and the walls. Lucius' cruelty knew no bounds, and even in the final hour he did not protect the Ratfolk who lived outside of his walls.

Pinned between the invaders and the walls, the Rotfolks fought for their life.



The walls of the colliseum are fifteen feet high. Above the wall, stands of seats tier upwards for five levels before ending at the battlements.

Dual Purpose

On top of being a colliseum, the Court is meant to be a fallback point to defend against sieges. This purpose has been served twice, both time with great success.


The area beneath the colliseum leads into the catacombs. Only the Golden Rats and Lucius know how to safely pass through this area.

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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