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The Potter's Ground

The Potter's Ground is the uncounted kilometers of graveyard preceding and ringing the city of Abisk. They represent not only those who died in Saumai's collapse, but those who have died since. Generations of the grieving have made their pilgrimages to this place to bury their dead, though it is Yral Venistasia who has buried the most. He dedicated his life to listing the names of the dead, and to hewing gravestones and mausoleums in their memory.

This land is patrolled by the dead, their harvesters, abominations, and centuries of dark myth.

This place is not safe.

The Potter's Ground is large enough to have many landmarks contained within. The veritable north star of this place is The Knife in the Wind, a warped spire of sharp stone. Even when the mists and the rain are too thick to spot this spire, you can sometimes hear it if the wind happens to catch it along its edge, resulting in a banshee scream which can be heard from a distance.

This place is like being home in the Fields of Twilight back in the Territories all over again. It's uncanny and alarming, with magics even I do not understand."


The Potter's Ground is a reliable source of Glisterwax and Leviathan Blubber, which is then exported to the rest of Saumai accordingly. The people who harvest these materials have the wounds and mutation to show for it.


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Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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That is an excellent and very evocative take on the prompt - the way it ends with "this place is not safe" is just nice and understated :D

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