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The Knife in the Wind

On coldest night with brightest moon, seek the knife which stabs the sky.

Climb highest crag with gear in tow—mind the drops and the edges.

Scrape fat and blood from the slope, or climb higher.

Those worthy may climb the arm of Yral, and speak to the dead.

Abiski Myth

The Knife in the Wind is a reference to the the Knife Spire mountain which juts up from The Potter's Ground. The Leviathan of Yral—a crow-morphic entity which floats hidden among the storms, grabs it whenever it passes by, holding on for as long as possible as the Knife in the Wind cuts at it, causing leviathan blubber to spill down the slope for locals to harvest. Yral does this willfully.

Knife Spire is named for its shape. As a world without much erosion pre-settlement, the knife remains sharp and craggy, with an edge that faces towards the east. It is said that this spire isn't even of this world, that it is the lost weapon of a leviathan massive beyond belief.

While most Abiski (few as they are), deny that this is even possible (and they would know), this belief otherwise persists on Saumai, as one of the few glimmers of hope people might have left.

Many locals leave offerings on the Knife. Some to Yral, some in hopes that this mythic Leviathan might someday return for its weapon, and will save them from the dying world.


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