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Leviathan Blubber

Sought after by Pact especially, Leviathan Blubber is a powerful Orga-Meta hybrid energy source. It uses secret Himarchy techniques to marble Schaeus (Unity) into the blubber, which allows for it to keep longer in the void of space without dispersing.

Leviathan Blubber is highly sought after by pirates, who then resell the blubber to the ValuSelu Pact to power their Orga technology.

You can't have a Leviathan without Leviathan Blubber. And the Pact wants leviathans.

— Whaler

Unknown Construction

The creation of Leviathan Blubber is a well-kept secret of the Verin Haimarchy, and is so complex that autopsies on Leviathan have yielded nothing helpful. For now, anyone outside of the Haimarchy who wants leviathan (and many within it) is forced to hunt on the black market for Leviathan Blubber.

The Pact claims to be above this, but newer models of large Orga ships indicate that they are pulling from reserves of Blubber, or have made their own alternative.



Raw rendered fat and cooked grease.


Not recommended.


Dark maroon with a brown crust and white marbling.

Derived From
Caloric Brick

An Industry of Carnage

Where there's Leviathan Blubber, there's industry. Leviathans stranded during the Melancholic Lacuna have long since gone wild, and live in the dark corners and spaces between the WayHalls. They are coveted, hunted, killed, scutted, and harnessed for, among other things, their Blubber.


Leviathan Blubber is a dark, rich maroon color, and is so thick it feels solid below the surface despite being a jelly.

It has a foul smell, like boiled fat, and is marbled with semi-rigid veins of Schaeus that act as addition, fibrous armor against attacks.


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