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Caloric Brick

Caloric Bricks are a condensed calorie source designed to fuel Orga Technology. It is dense, easy to store, and contains all the nutrients needed to maintain armor for a day at a time.
My son was curious one time about how these Caloric Bricks tasted, so without me knowing, he took a chunk off and tried it. Let's just say I found out very soon after. I still laugh at his reaction!
— Zander

A Fuel for Orga

Caloric Bricks were invented as a requirement for military-fielded orga technology. As the field expanded from the Haimarchy, other Banners sought to find ways to make Orga-tech easier and less gruesome to maintain. The Solution came from the survival foods industry, who already produced 'emergency' rations for troops.

These ration companies soon found a profit converting their ration lines to Orga-fuel lines. The newly named Caloric Bricks were issues to units serving with Orga technology, which helped ease the maintainence time required for fielding the clade.


Appearance and Other Usages

Caloric Bricks are not designed to be tasty or eaten by people. They come in dark yellow, porous, bricks about the size of a small sandwich. This ungainly appearance helped it gain the nickname "Piss Cake."

While not designed to be consumed by sophontic life, it can be ingested in desperate situations. The amount of calories within each brick is enough to sustain a person for days, if they are hungry enough to stomach the taste.

Remember when some brave company tried to make chocolate flavored Piss Bricks? Yeah that product, and that company, was gone in a month.

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Piss Yellow
Yeah, front line troops always joked that the vegetarian meals tasted worse than Caloric Bricks. I laughed until I saw some Private eating a chunk of brick. We pulled the veggie items after that.
— Pact Quartermaster


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