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The Anđeo are a collection of people which travel Aroa looking for something or someone. No one fully knows for sure what their purpose is but they are generally left alone by all. Traveling individually or in small groups they strike a notable image.   Dressed in red they are easily spotted and easily recognizable. Though they seem content to ignore and to be ignored by everyone around them. Only interacting as needed and keeping to their mysterious purpose. Woe to anyone who disturbs or disrupts them.   Incredibly deadly, each Anđeo is an expert fighter or magic user. Breathtakingly powerful feat of martial prowess of magical display, many gutsy and foolish bandits proud warriors alike have been chopped to bits or reduced to ash in mere moments.



Conservative estimates point the total number of Anđeo to be around 500. Liberal estimates claim the total number to be closer to 3000. Due to their behavior, an accurate number is difficult to gauge.


Anđeo commonly wear simple clothing or robes. Typically incorporating a large about of red. Occasionally one may be found wielding an impressive weapon or wearing finely crafted armor. Some bear no equipment at all. The only two common themes among all Anđeo. One, they wear red. Two, they are either magical or heavily enchanted.   Each member, with proper methods or detection, can be seen hosting numerous enchantments. Very powerful magics likely aid them in a variety of endeavors. It is difficult to get a sense of what enchantments exist as they do not like to be studied.


No discernable command structure seems to exist. Each group of or individual Anđeo works autonomously. They rarely request assistance and never gather in large numbers. Each group seems to work for singular purpose and never openly discuss their plans.


The Anđeo are supreme fighters. Highly trained and capable of performing feats many mortals consider impossible. Whether martial or magical, these red garbed individuals are dangerous and many a gutsy bandit group has been utterly destroyed for waylaying them on the road.



Anđeo turn down all offers of recruitment. Both to join their group and for their services.


On the 17th day of the 3rd month, Clepehn, in the year 1539 the Anđeo began showing up all around Aroa in various towns, villages, and cities. Many saw them as a threat, some saw them as a curiosity. They traveled around randomly staying in any given location for an unknown amount of time and then move on. A behavior that has continued to this day.
Only one phrase is repeatedly overheard by the Anđeo:
We live to protect the sovereign.
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