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Welcome to Pholtel . A world recovering from the brink of annihilation being once more pushed towards the edge. What was once continents of civilizations has been reduced to but one peninsula; Aroa . "The Hand of Creation" The last known remnants of a recovering population rebuilding their once great civilizations that spanned the world and contested gods.   At least that's what the legends and myths recall. For none now live that remember the days of the Age of Knowledge. Only those that shudder from their memories of the Age of Loss. A time in which the great dynasties of the world slowly diminished and died. Ever since the Arokath monarch, King Rhaelion made his stand with his people, Rhaelion's Last Stand, the survivors have had a chance to breathe. Ushering in the Age of Recovery and restarting the process of building civilization.   Aroa is a beautiful land hosting a wide variety of flora and fauna. From the The Barrier Mountains to The Fingers people, beasts, and monsters make their home. From snowy peaks to open plains to dense forest to windy coasts, the inhabitants of Aroa have slowly been pressing the resources of the land. Straining its ability to provide as the population grows.   As if the constant threat of evil breaking through the mountains to the south didn't put everyone on edge, the War of Calderian Expansion surely didn't make things easier. Starting with the Siege of the Crossroads the Calderian Empire began a war to conquer all of Aroa about 100 years ago. Thus starting the Age of Strife and once more plunging the refugees of Pholtel into war.   Death may come by the command of another or by poor circumstance. Existence is a dangerous frightful thing. There are no innocents in war. Just casualties. Casualties of the powerful using the weak to further their own goals.   You find yourself arriving in The Crossroads, a city that once stood as a symbol of the cooperation and goodwill of the nations of Aroa. It now stands as a symbol of Calderian oppression. You've come looking for something. Whether answers, purpose, or fame; this is as good a place as any to get started.