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Calderian Empire

Upon its founding, the Calderian Nation was governed by a clear set of rules. Calder, the founder, never wanted to rule himself. He wanted to coexist with the world. No more war. No more fighting. Clear divisions of leadership split up various aspects of ruling. Calderia was founded with three ruling individuals. These three ruled with absolute authority in their respective areas. The three lords of strength, growth, and law.   The lord of Strength was the head of the military. They had authority in the commading of armies and navies in the defense of Calderia. Over time the Strength’s Council was formed, consisting of five members:
  • Lord of the North - Aneias Leventis (human)
  • Lord of the South - Mavis Ebicatos 
  • Lord of the East - Pryderi Ebicatos 
  • Lord of the West - Raisa Tschermak (F) (human)
  • Lord of the Sea - Cassius Portius Lucius 
These members serves as the generals of the four armies and the one navy. The current Lord of Strength is Makera Graysky. A human female born into poverty who worked her way to the top of the military over an impressive military career. An excellent fighter with a superior tactical mind.   The Lord of Growth is in charge of the Economy of Calderia. The current Lord of Growth is a Gnome named Bibron Daergel. He grew up in a wealthy merchant family in Calderia. Owning many trading vessels and being a member of the Jade Conclave. A Master of Resources. A council was also formed to assist the Lord of Growth called Growth’s Roots. Current members and positions are as follows:
  • Lord of Industry - Drenna (half orc)
  • Lord of Agriculture - Bella Littlefoot (halfling, F)
  • Lord of Trade - Adrik Eversharp (dwarf)
  • Lord of Husbandry - Joda Rane (human)
  • Lord of Technology - Qualen Nackle (gnome)
Finally there is the Lord of Law, Julianus Ariessus. Coming from a family of politicians with relatives in every nation within Aroa. They handle everything else. Together the next group of Lord’s make up Law’s Reach:
  • Lord of the Guard - Gargax Daardendrian (dragonborn)
  • Lord of Justice - Omar el-Saleem
  • Lord of Secrets - Shayla Napier (half elf, F)
  • Lord of Information - Isabel Cambiero
  • (SECRET) Lord of the Pact - Diabolus (Tiefling)
Currently, unknown to all but a chosen few, the Calderian Empire is backed by an archdevil from the Nine Hells. Moloch in MTF page 176. Moloch signed a pact with the Three Lords to create a system in which souls are cultivated and fed into the archdevil’s services. All to create an army large enough to storm back into the nine hells and retake his rightful position as ruler of Malbolge. In exchange the Three Lords were given a form of immortality. In which they cannot die by any other means than that which they choose. Lord Makera Graysky chose physical combat to be the means of her death. Only by the weapons of a foe could she be killed. Lord Birbon Daergel chose to die only by poison or disease in which he ingested. Only an ailment of such sickness may pass his body into death. Lord Julianus chose magic to be his death. Only non physical magical means may push his soul to the other side. Each of these lords may bodily die for a time, but will always return to the land of the living unless vanquished by their chosen means.   Lord of the Pact The Lord of the Pacts is a secret Lordship; currently held by Diabolus. This lord is incharge of selecting individuals to sign deals with various devils. Mainly, Moloch himself. These deals forfeit souls upon death for Moloch’s army. In return for material wealth, boons, etc. The basics of each pact are as follows: The signed shall be given one boon of their choice upon signing of this pact. Said boon must be agreed upon by both the undersigned and Lord Diabolus. (The boon has to be within the confines of a wish spell or agreed upon by the DM) Upon signing their name and agreeing to all of the stipulations listed in this document, the undersigned will immediately subject themselves to having their memory of signing the agreement removed and replaced in order to protect the secrecy of involved parties.   If the undersigned, manages to replace/restore said memory, thus enabling themselves to recall the event, their soul is immediately forfeit and shall be returned to the dwelling of Strastiuqir for collection in a timely manner. (Moloch’s fortress on the material plane)   Upon death of the undersigned, their soul shall be delivered to Strastiuqir for collection.   Lord Diabolus works closely with the Three Lord’s who orchestrated the agreement with their devilish benefactor. Out of this Diabolus also gained a form of immortality. He cannot die until, permanently until the other three Lords have also been killed. From the Pact of the Three Lords, great boons were given to each of them.  
  • Lord Makera Graysky was given great physical prowess. (Barbarian with fighter combat maneuvers) More than any other living human at the time. Also given a tactically superior mind to outwit and out maneuver any opponent. (Auto succeed STR, DEX, and CON checks and saves at DM’s Discression.)
  • Lord Bibron Daergel was given a companion of great abilities. (Ranger with Bone Devil companion disguised as a tiger.) Also, given a wiser mind than any other. (Auto succeed WIS checks and saves.)
  • Lord Julianus became the smartest mind of all of man or mer. (Auto succeed INT checks and saves)(Wizard who does not have to prepare spells. Knows them as a sorcerer would.)(War magic Wizard)
  • Lord Diabolus became a more powerful warlock for Moloch along with becoming one of the more charismatic humanoids in existence. (Auto succeed CHA checks and saves) (Knows bonus invocations)
  100 years ago the Age of Strife began. The Calderian Nation (now called Empire) launched a surprise attack against the Dorandul Kingdom and the Felirythian Republic. Taking the Crossroads and a number of towns from both including: Dul Moren Dul Varum Dul Daral Ervethas Yllanhana Yaranaes Along with this conquest they established a number of colonies: Baybrook Riverhall North Host Saltfair Eventually the Tempest Isles NOTE: The first one-shot took place 20 years ago   Interestingly enough, Arokath had not been invaded. On the day that the war began, an emissary came to King Kailus and told him his lands would not be invaded but any interfering armies would be treated as hostile. One army went to help retake the Crossroads but was routed quickly. During the night they were set upon by an unseen foe.
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