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A great swath of white breaks across the background of the scene. A open face quarry dug right into the side of the mountain giving the town its name; Whitescar. The smoke from the dozens of blast furnaces billow into the sky from one end of the town. The constant "tingk tingk" sound of chisels and pickaxes fills the air all hours of the day.


70% human, 10% Dragonblooded, 10% dwarf, 10% other.


While the stone walls of this town are not particularly tall or very wide, there are many of them. Due to the proximity to the open mine, the town has access to lots of stone. Not always the highest quality but plenty of it. The many walls create a veritable maze of twists and turns and strange dead ends and confusing loops. The gates of the town make no sense. Having to pass through at least three of them to get to the center of town.

Industry & Trade

about 70% of the population of the town is dedicated to either mining, quarrying, or a related service. Having access to some of the best stone in all of eastern Aroa keeps this town consistently busy. Especially with the War of Calderian Expansion going on as the Calderian Empire is constantly building or repairing their fortifications.


Most notable is the open mine in the face of the mountain. Providing limestone and iron to much of the Empire and Arokath.
  • Blast furnaces
  • kilns
  • watermills
  • roads
  • bridges
  • trade posts
  • lumber camps

Guilds and Factions

There are two local guilds that maintain all the contracts with the mining companies. The miner's union and the quarrier's union
Founding Date
715 AoR
Location under
Owning Organization


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