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A picturesque view over the Osman Bay. Bright gentle light reflecting off the calm waters. Sturdy built stone complimented by breezy canvas and natural vines cover the campus. A collection of buildings gives an almost academic feel but after taking it all in deeper the scene changes. Stability. Growth. Reassurance...Healing. 

Purpose / Function

Serves as the best long term care facility for injured soldiers of the Calderian Empire who come back from the War of Calderian Expansion. While healing magic can do much to aid soldiers of mild to moderate wounds, the healing isn't always complete or simply unable to fully fix the damage done.   This place specializes in the treatment and the rehabilitation of solders missing limbs, suffering from mental trauma, and other long terms effects of war.


The many building of this campus are primarily built of stone quarried from The Knuckles to the west. While not from the same red stone as the Ruby Towers, flecks can still be seen across a number of the buildings.    While stone makes up the skeletal structure of the campus, great care has been given to not make the site seem imposing. Many smaller wooden structures and soft canvas tens and overhangs give a much more comforting and relaxing feel. The encompassing gardens spread throughout the property rival many noble estates and even some royal palaces across Aroa.


The Sanitatem was once a family estate belonging to Bibron Daergel. Built a few miles to the east of the town proper. Some 50 years ago, after decades of fighting, Calderia was struggling with a population of homeless veterans. Many of which were disabled or traumatized. Over the next three years, at a great expense to the Daergel family, the estate was transformed into what it is today.


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Alternative Names
House of Healing
Owning Organization


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