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Guard of the Incorruptible

Defenders of God's Chosen

I’ve had it with these deceitful cowards. They may have served us for centuries but the times, they are changing. I herby declare the old imperial guard disbanded. These loyal men who have alerted us of this treason will have the honour of hunting down the oathbreakers.
— Hânsil II, Emperor of Pallernen
  The Guard of the Incorruptible is an elite unit of hand-picked bodyguards that are sworn to protect the lives of the members of the imperial family in the Empire of Pallernen. Created in reaction to the previous bodyguards’ betrayal, their founder, Emperor Hânsil II, made sure that only the best and those most loyal would be admitted into its ranks.  


In the year 1543 AA, a great rebellion against the rule of the emperor at the time, Hânsil Pentiwichen, had engulfed the land in the flames of war. The rebels hoped to end the struggle quickly by bribing the elite imperial bodyguard unit to side with them, and the treacherous guards were eager to join after hearing what the rebels could offer. Unfortunately for the traitors, there were a few honest lads among their ranks who had stayed true to the oaths they had given. These loyalists informed the emperor of the plot to assassinate him and helped in countering the threat.    
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Formation of the Guard

Emperor Hânsil II graciously awarded those who had remained loyal and made them officers in charge of a new unit of elite soldiers, the Guard of the Incorruptible.   The emperor handpicked the finest soldiers from his armies and transferred them over to his new bodyguard formation.   To insure their loyalty, he offered excellent benefits to his men and to their families back home. This way he both kept them under control through generosity, but it also allowed him to know where their families were.
1543 AA
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Empire of Pallernen
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The Empire of Pallernen is a feudal monarchy in southern Lethea that has for centuries been the most influential and powerful human nation on the continent.

House of Pentiwichen
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The House of Pentiwichen is the noble dynasty in charge of one of Lethea's most powerful countries, the Empire of Pallernen, and their pupper state, the Grand Duchy of Jgrim.


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