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Kodiak Guard

They take their name from great bears in their homeland, and the name suits. They may seem quiet and stoic, but if you get into a fight with one, well, say goodbye to your face.
-A Solathine noble observing a squad of Kodiak Guard in the street.
  The Kodiak Guard are an elite unit of Kjor warriors dedicated to guarding the ruling king of Kjoqvist and their immediate family. Relatively unknown in the Calinan Sea until recent years, they are imposing and deadly warriors skilled in a variety of fighting styles and environments, known for their fierce loyalty to their charges as much as their prowess in battle.



Due to their elite status and their relatively limited scope, the entire Kodiak Guard contingent is less than a hundred men.


The main contingent of Kodiak in Kjoqvist wear thick studded hide armour and fur capes, allowing them to operate in the cold weather with no concern.   The southern Kodiak continent serving Prince Eliksen in Solathi opt for sleeveless cuirasses over vests, and plates strapped to their leggings.  

A typical Kodiak Guard


Warriors in the Kodiak Guard are selected on an independent basis and choose their own weaponry. Bronze bearded axes are common among them, as are greataxes, longswords and bastard swords.


As a bodyguard force, the Kodiak Guard take their orders directly from the king. The king usually deputises command to a senior Kodiak, usually a relative or trusted close friend, who organises and orders the contingent. They are organised into squads that are assigned to their particular ward, ranging anywhere from one to ten guards.    With the expansion of the Kjor south into the Calinan Sea, it has been necessary to divide the continent into a larger home force, and a small force answering to Prince Eliksen and his own senior Kodiak, Lorgun.  

A Kodiak Guard from the southern contingent in the Calinan Sea


The Kodiak Guard's specialty is, unsurprisingly, defense. They are specialised in detecting and engaging threats to their charges before they can even get close, and have been selected for their abilities to engage multiple foes independently if necessary.


Kodiaks are given advanced training to assist in their assignments, including how to fight multiple foes, how to continue to fight when wounded, and how to track and evacuate their charges should the situation call for it. They are also trained in improvised weapons and using a variety of environments, indoor or otherwise, to their advantage.



Kodiak Guards are usually drawn from the most elite of the Kjor warrior corps, supplemented by warriors who the reigning king knows personally and trusts. Kodiaks need to have an absolutely unquestionable loyalty, and must have proven themselves in a variety of combat scenarios.


The Kodiak Guard were formed when the Kingdom of Kjoqvist was inaugurated in 195 TE, covering most of the Siellar Ranges. While the warring clan-chiefs had all sworn fealty to Ljan, the first King of Kjoqvist, he also understood that the more ambitious of the chiefs could potentially make their own move against his life. To counter this, he selected some of the most elite warriors from his own Kodiak Clan to protect both himself and his heirs, inaugurating the Kodiak Guard.   As time has passed and Ljan's heirs have solidified Kjoqvist as one nation under one ruler, with the other clans becoming more of a formality, membership has opened to include the best of any of the Kjor clans. They have thwarted many threats to the kings of Kjoqvist over the past 250 years, and have become something of a legend in their own right, their prowess and honour seemingly unquestionable.   Most recently, the Kodiak Guard have assisted in the Kingdom's expanse into the Calinan Sea, breaking off into a small sub-contingent and accompanying Prince Eliksen on his journey to the Duchy of Solathi.

Historical loyalties

Before the solidification of Kjoqvist under their king, what would become the Kodiak Guard held loyalty to their particular clan chief. In the present day, they hold loyalty to the King of Kjoqvist and by extension his immediate family. The contingent of Kodiak sent south to the Calinan Sea swear fealty to Prince Eliksen, obeying him as they would the King.
Special Forces
195 TE
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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