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The Calinan Sea A Bronze Age fantasy world

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On the planet Annyrion, the Era of Stone has given way to the Era of Bronze. Where once scattered bands of hunters and gatherers wandered the lands, kingdoms, cities and empires now spread across them. It is a time of heroes, ancient kingdoms, magic and legends.
  On the continent of Arikanda, sparse city-states and kingdoms dot the land in the Heartlands, while the south is divided between three Great Empires;
  In the southwest, in the Calinan Sea and the islands of the Beyan Archipelago, the wealthy mercantile power of the Avadian Sovereignty rules the waves, dominating trade throughout the continent through their control of the markets and their colonies on the mainland as they expand into Arikanda proper.
  In the central South, the great Tanorite and Sapphran cities have finally united behind a Council of Archons to form a League that holds sway over the breadbasket of the continent. Their mighty war chariots run the length of the nascent highways that cover their land.
  In the Sapphire Coast to the East, the vast stretches of the Kalriv Empire reach up an entire coast, its ambitious new Overlords and its elite, undefeated Legions seeking to broaden the reach of the military power to cover the entire continent as is their manifest destiny.
  Intrigue and adventure also exist beyond the reaches of Arikanda. To the far east lies the Strait and the enormous city of Kas serving as the gateway to the mysterious continent of Sembar, where even the Kalriv fear to tread. To the south, across the Calinan Sea, beyond the Avadian and Tanorite colonies of Maganti and Solathi, the continent of Calina awaits, its endless stretch of untouched land reaching far beyond any myth or legend.
  As the three powers scheme, plot and prepare for an inevitable clash, tidings have never been better for adventurers. Whether they be mercenaries to protect wealth, sailors to explore the seas, traders to make their fortunes or even diplomats to scheme and intrigue, the enterprising individual can make a fortune, a name for themselves, an empire of their own, or simply a difference. Four such people now rise to make their mark in history.
  In the Tanorite city-state of Mayoka, a veteran of the Mayokan Civil War grapples with the day he slew a demon and his life changed forever, his psyche and body no longer wholly his own. To the northwest in the Tanorite countryside, a young Avadian centurion travels through enemy territory to seek a cure for the dying noble he is bound to protect - and who he loves. In the Calinan Sea, the glory-seeking captain of the Avadian penteconter Phoenix sails for his home port, pondering his company's next great voyage and what riches, fame and excitement abound. Across the sea in the city of Maganti, a young Firedancer monk trains, meditates, and learns, unaware of the role fate has in store for her.
  This is the time of the Three Empires.
  There are the Odysseys of the Calinan Sea.

Welcome to Annyrion

  Annyrion is a heroic fantasy world in its Bronze Age, set in a time between the myths and mysteries of prehistoric times and the rise of great empires, civilisations and recorded history. It is inspired by my love of ancient history, mythology and classical stories, and my own interests in civilisations before we started recording our history, combined with my love of fantasy and supernatural elements.
It is the setting of the Odysseys of the Calinan Sea, a series composing of a number of short stories and a novel series I am writing.

Getting Started!

Not sure where to start? The World Meta is your best bet to get a general understanding, or if you like, below are articles that will best help you get an understanding of the world, its peoples and civilisations.
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