Kingdom of Kjoqvist

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  The Kingdom of Kjoqvist is a realm in the Siellar Range in the far northeast of Arikanda. It consists of the city of Kjoqvist and its surrounding countryside, and was founded by the unification of the clans of the region.


As an absolute monarchy, the ultimate power in Kjoqvist is the King. He is supported by a council of Clan-Chiefs who advise him. The immediate families of the Clan-Chiefs form the nobility of the kingdom, followed by commoners. A community of thralls sits at the very bottom of society.


The Kingdom of Kjoqvist were originally the Kjor, a clan of Wessuth that inhabited the Siellar Reaches. The Kjor were one of the first adopters of agriculture when it came to the territory, and this crystallised in the formation of the settlement of Kjoqvist being formed.   After a protracted conquest, all of the Clan-Chiefs in the central Ranges swore fealty to Ljan, who was proclaimed the High Clan-Chief. Over the years, as the Kjor subsumed all of the other tribes, the title of High Clan-Chief was replaced with the title of King.   In the last half-century, the Kjor have expanded far beyond their traditional ranges and have formed a number of enclaves along the western coast of Arikanda. Kjor galleys have even been sighted across the Calinan Sea, to the chagrin of the Avadian Sovereignty. In the last few years this has crystallised as a large Kjor enclave and trade presence in the Duchy of Solathi, where one of King Arjor's sons is rumoured to have even managed to become betrothed to the daughter of Dux Nerala.


The core of the Kingdom is the city-state of Kjoqvist itself. Since the unification of the Kjor clans, this territory has expanded to the central third of the Siellar Range.   In the last century, the Kjor have been establishing a number of outposts along the western coast of Arikanda.


The Kjor military is made up of the unified warbands of the Clan-Chiefs and their ships.


The Kingdom officially worship the Wessuth Gods. Unlike the rest of the Wessuth, the Kjor have organised into a priesthood with specific rules and regulations.

Agriculture & Industry

Thanks to their unified clans, the Kjor have a much greater access to arable farming land and manpower than most other northern Wessuth. With that said, fish and meat remains the primary staple of the land, supplemented by grains such as barley and rye.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Imports
The Kjor import vast quantities of grains and fruits to compensate for their own relatively low crops.
Legislative Body
Council of Chiefs
Related Ethnicities

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