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Crystal Cloaks

The Crystal Cloaks is an elite security team assigned to protect members of the Folk Representative Council, high-ranking officials, and wealthy merchants. One such person is Zandri Fifuaga, the current head of the Fifuaga Quartz Inventor Venture.   All members of the Cloak Security Team are Crystal Forged Folk. Known for their shimmering lavender cloaks, many Folk look towards the Crystal Cloaks with awe and admiration. However, Crystal Cloak members rarely wear their cloaks, except in public gatherings. The best of their team never wear the cloak to blend into crowds as secret security.  
Special Skills
  As Crystal Forged, all members have the ability to Transform. That is, rearrange their crystals and the light that refracts in order to disguise themselves as another person. Although this disguise does not hold up to touch—as they are still as hard as quartz—this ability allows them to move unnoticed. Additionally, when under attack two or more Crystal Cloaks can Synthesize. This is an advanced forge technique that allows Forged Folk to combine into a larger and stronger foe. Each member of the Crystal Cloaks has a bounded weapon that can only be used in their hands. In addition to their weapon’s training, the Crystal Cloaks are experts in unarmed combat.  
Recruitment and Training
  The majority of Crystal Cloaks are from the original generation of Forged. Created fully-formed with the sole purpose of battle against the Devils. After the Mortal Folk’s victory, the Forged were rearranged into different tasks. The most versatile of Forged Folk, the Crystals were assigned as spies, assassins, and personal security teams. Few of the new generation of Crystal Forged, birthed in Forged Gardens, take up this line of work. For this reason, recruitment is rare.   Many of the Crystal Cloaks train daily amongst one another to hone their skills. Many a Forged Folk will admit that they find life much more tedium since the Devils’ Storm. The Crystal Cloaks train not for fear that somebody could best them, but out of sheer boredom. Within their ranks, they have Fight Club Competitions to determine the ranking of individual members. It is not uncommon for the command structure to change on a monthly basis as a result of these competitions.
by Port
Although the Crystal Cloaks are technically only hired for protection, their skillset extends far beyond. Many employers will use them to break into a competitor’s business or for intelligence-gathering. The Crystal Cloaks welcome this line of work, as it utilizes the full breadth of their abilities. As a result, competing employers tend to have individual Crystal Cloaks fight one another when espionage is discovered. However, once Cloaks return to the Forged District, battles are long-forgotten. Few Crystal Cloaks take their job—or a Forged death on the job—personally.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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Aug 9, 2021 13:21 by A

I do like the description of their special abilities and what makes them stand out compared to other security. They seem very elite so to say. Seems a bit sad that they have lost some part of them after the war, as many people do, but they might be seen as just created for that purpose.   The first sentence makes them sound like a mercenary band since they protect such a "wide" difference of population/Folks (thinking to "wealthy merchants", a very wide term in itself). The crystal forged also look very "biological" when I thought that they were more, well, mechanical or maybe rocklike? Well, might be reading too much into the picture there...

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Aug 11, 2021 04:01 by Cassandra Sojourn

The picture was my best attempt at using "Portrait Workshops" features in making a nearly translucent person that looks like they're carved from crystal but would show certain colors when reflected in light or by choice. I had another version where they didn't have hair at all. If I'm being honest, I ventured into the world of western cartoons to bring Steven Universe gems into this world. There background is a lot different but some of their abilities will be similar.

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