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Forged Gardens

A Flutterblink Word
The forged were created for the sole purpose of fighting in the Devil’s storm. When the mortals won, the question was posed … what will happen to the immortal forged now that their purpose is complete?
— Director Flutterblink
The forged are timeless entities, needing neither food nor water to survive. After the Devil’s Storm was won, many Forged had no place in the world. Tifwado City created the Forged District, where the soldier species could live, train, and protect the city.   Over the centuries, however, the Forged longed for more. They wanted meaning. They wanted family. Some forged adopted orphaned children. I highly recommend this option. Others created new forged, fully developed, in their image. But there were Forged folk who wanted a different experience. To see their kind - the forged kind - grow and develop. Live and die. Just like other Folk.   Over time, the formula for forged growth was cracked. Gardens were cultivated to plant seeds which would grow into new Living Forged.  
How to Grow Living Forged
  In order to grow a new forged, potential parents sacrifice a piece of their body. The piece of their body sacrificed may provide insight in the type of forged which will grow. For example, chiseling off a piece of their head may result in a more intellectually-minded Living Forge. A piece of their hand may mean they're good at handling weapons.   Two or more potential parents melt their sacrificed piece together and mold it into a seed. Together, they plant their seed in their designated garden plot. The ectogenesis stage may take months or even years, depending on conditions.   Caretakers watch over the gardens, ensuring optimal conditions. When the seed blooms into a baby, the parents are informed of the new arrival.  
Living Forged
  Like their parents, they need no food—though water and light facilitate their growing process. They are not immediately born with the same abilities as their parents, although they develop over time. Their personality and looks are a pleasant combination of their contributing parents. Their innate talents come from the sacrificed pieces of their parents.   These living forged are an opportunity for Forged Folk to propagate their species without the meddling minds of artificers or other spellcaster scientists.   As this is a relatively new medical technology, the oldest of these living forged are only in their forties. It is unclear how long they will live; however, most undergo an adolescence stage similar to human folk. Since Forged Folk have been unchanging, they are reluctant to let their children leave home — feeling as if they will have endless years to explore. Living Forged, however, are eager to make their mark in the world.
Types of Gardens
  The Crystal Forged are grown in underground water caverns where the changing nature of the moon flickers through its phases.   The Wood Forged are grown in sunny groves, planted deep in the soil as their bark skin toughens each day.   The Steel Forged growth process was the most difficult to crack. But a stormy night with lightening strikes gave the key. And so they grow in floating aircrafts above the ocean waters, where torrential storms strength and fuel them.

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These beings sound really interesting and a unique approach to the "inanimate souls" need for fulfillment. I would want to see a species sheet and article for them so we can learn more about them in the future! Great article and cool approach to the prompt!

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I will be making a species sheet for them. Hopefully in the very near future. I have plans to use the Crystal Forged in the prompt about guards, so there will be more on them soon.

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