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Fifuaga Quartz Inventor Venture (Fi-Fway-Ga)

The Fifuaga Quartz Inventor Venture owns the majority of large-scale EQ-powered transportation, such as the EQ rails and airships. Additionally, they are one of the major controllers of the Efflorescent Quartz trade through Tifwado.   The Inventor Venture was originally created by the gnomish Fifuaga family. After the Devils’ Storm, the family moved to Tifwado City, where they were imperative in building the infrastructure of Tifwado City. Using their knowledge, they helped develop the EQ-powered street lights, as well as underground water pumps, which allows for running water. When the Inventor Venture expanded their holdings in Tifwado City, they were able to reach such large heights through a combination of donated funds and their Dragonborn investors, particularly the Sifadra family.   In charge of regulations, the Inventor Venture requires licenses for all those who want to own an airship or operate EQ-powered rails. In exchange for providing licenses, the Inventor Venture receives a set percentage of all income operators receive, whether they are transporting people or materials. This money is used in the upkeep and maintence of EQ-travel, training new EQ operators, paying investors, and continuing to build their own wealth.   Recently, the Fifuaga family is exploring ways to further maximize their profits. This has led them to create the EQ gardens underneath the MagiTech district in Tifwado City. This small site is known as the second production site of Efflorescent Quartz. However, some Folk believe that EQ harvested there is substandard since growing conditions are manufactured. Tifwado City EQ often has a blank tinge, owning to the heavy concentration of tannins in the underground lake where they plant EQ.  

Controlling Interest

There are some Folk who believe that Fifuaga Quartz Inventor Venture controls too much of EQ-powered technology, particularly in regards to transportation. Since Inventor Venture controls the pricing of transportation, they also control the profit. And many license-holders believe that their share of the profit is too low. An unfortunate nickname amongst the airship pilots is: The Indentured Venture. Additionally, since Fifuaga Quartz Inventor Venture owns nearly all of the airships within the Western Continent, trips that are deemed “high-risk” are rarely allowed. This severely limits their use by adventurers who wish to travel to far off or dangerous parts of the world.
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Dragonborn Investors
The Dragonborn in Tifwado City are not known to be inventors. However, they do know how to spot a great new idea. When the Fifuaga family first emigrated to Tifwado, the noble Sifadra Dragonborn family did not have much in the way of wealth. As the descendants of refugees from Dracelo, most of their money they earned went as tribute to Dintavo, Dragon King of Dracelo. However, they scrapped together what little funds they had and their investment paid off. Today, Silver Dragonborn are known as they best investors in the Western Continent. None more so than the Sifadra. Their holdings in Fifuaga Quartz Inventor Venture make up a substantial amount of their funds, which they use to invest in other start-up products and services.
Corporation, Conglomerate

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Ah, yes, corporate greed in this world too? And gnomes? Well, they are essentially "the restorers of a great town" kind of. They might have a free pass for a while, but greed eventually hits them in the back.

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You have to have some corporate greed to make it fun! But they would make some interesting antagonists or reluctant allies. My original idea for the criminal prompt was an airship pirate who stole their ship from the Fifuaga family so they didn't have to pay the high fees. That article shall come.

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