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Efflorescent Quartz

EQ: it is a game changer. THE game changer. EQ takes all of our fleeting magical spells and turns them into powerhouses. We've actually developed magical powerhouses. And to think the Dwarves were just using it to power their forges.
  Efflorescent Quartz, often referred to as EQ, is organic crystalline timber that has the ability to store magical energy. Although it looks similar to quartz rock, its utility is vastly different. Unlike quartz rock, which takes thousands of years to form, EQ has a growth process similar to trees.   EQ is the second ingredient in the Magical Renaissance. The first being the collaboration between all folk kind. The widespread use of this material has allowed for rapid development of new magical technologies. Some notable examples of technology powered through EQ include:  
  • MagiTech Airships
  • MagiTech Trains
  • EQ Pocket Crystals
  • Crystal Forged Folk
  • EQ Prosthetics
  • EQ Carriages
  In its natural state, EQ is translucent and refracts color. However, when grown at different locations, it can take on slight tinges dependent on the minerals in the rock. EQ needs absolute darkness to blossom and ideal growing conditions are in water with a rocky bed, such as a lake or slow-moving river. However, through experimentation, we have discovered that after blossoming, EQ is able to increase its magical storage potential through bathing in moonlight.   EQ is not only as strong as natural stone quartz, it also has incredible adaptability. Folk with magical affinity towards EQ are able to coax it into different shapes, the crystalline structures reforming into the ideal object. However, melting EQ will make it lose all magical storage capacity. When harvesting, it must be carefully carved from the root tree.   At its most basic level, EQ acts as a magical battery for magitech devices. However, through use of complex spell casting and Zalmawi carving, the possibilities for this material are endless.
EQ was originally discovered by the Tiota Dwarves, who live in the northern part of the Verdant Mountains. They primarily used EQ as a power source for their artisan forges and to light pathways in their caverns. A group of gnomes from what is now the Northern Knolls passed through the Tiota settlement and saw the potential in EQ. They settled in Tiota, which eventually evolved into the trading settlement of Crystal City. Over the centuries, the Dwarfish and Gnomish cultures entwined to create the Tiota culture we know today.

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Jul 30, 2021 13:10 by A

A crystal that is timber? Can you... elaborate more on that? Is it because of the need for water? But I do say that this seems very powerful and, as the writer tells, a game-changer. I could see EQ rifles with loaded magic (or charged through the user). These have the potential to be good, and evil, at the same time.

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Jul 31, 2021 23:23 by Cassandra Sojourn

It really spurred Adazuri's equivalent to the industrial revolution. EQ must be in a body of water in order to grow. I envision it actually growing as large trees but with the more squared edges of quartz. Smaller rectangular quartz shoot off from all over the trunk. An EQ tree is only considered mature, however, when the "flowers" begin to grow all over it, which would basically look like little bunches of crystals like what you would see if you opened a quartz rock.

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Aug 4, 2021 22:27

Nice idea to have a crystal grow like a plant! Given that they would need darkness to grow would the best locations be underground then? And after blossoming moving the quartz 'plant' outside?   Fun opening quote as well :) If nobody has the need of it some things can sometimes not be used to their full potential :p

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Aug 11, 2021 04:29 by Cassandra Sojourn

Thanks so much! It is grown underground and once it blossoms, it is harvested.

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