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Zalmawi: said to be the language of The Eternals . . . The language of Adazuri. Learning this language allows ordinary folk to access the magic infused within the essence of Adazuri. Most folk have a basic understanding of Zalmawi, though they may not realize the magical incarnations they've learned as such, but only the most intelligent of Folk master Zalmawi.
The Development of Zalmawi
  During the Age of the Eternals, most of the magical energy was wrapped into the physicals forms of the Eternals. After they disappeared from the Mortal Rondure, the Magical Eruption infused Adazuri with the infinite possibility of magic. Folk who were near Magical Surges were forever imbued with larger reserves of magical energy, creating new types of Folk with innate magical ability. Others learned how to access the magical energy through Zalmawi, which allowed them to channel Adazuri's innate magic through a spell-casting focus.   Zalmawi was originally a spoken language. However, through trial and error, master scholars and mages discovered how to transcribe words, infusing them with the same magical energy of the spoken word. First through arduous texts and later through warding symbols and runes. The written language allowed for weapons, armor, and other items to be infused with magic from their creation. Now magical artifacts could not only be uncovered, but manufactured.  
Cross-Cultural Secrets of Zalmawi
  Zalmawi is not a simple language to speak, however. Nor is it easy to transcribe the words, wards, or runes. The secrets of Zalmawi were originally handed down from Master to Apprentice. Spells were heavily guarded, available only to a select few. Furthermore, the type of spell-casting done was separated according to one's Folk cultural group. Certain cultural groups feared the strong magical abilities of others and sought to destroy all traces of spell-casting and the Zalmawi language. This led many cultural groups to hideaway their magical prowess.   Over time, powerful magics became more acceptable to all Folk as trade relationships grew. As Folk learned how to harness magic to make life more convenient, schools of magic opened throughout Adazuri. The skillsets needed to be accepted into these schools were steep. They are still steep! Many focused on one type of magic, such as conjuration or transmutation. However, it allowed for all Folk to study magic, so long as they had the intelligence to succeed.   After the Devils' Storm, magical users have begun to share select secrets of the Zalmawi language. Opening up new ways of innovative spell-casting and incredible magitech inventions. The greatest of these arcane secrets, however, are held by the Macji'Ozara. Unfortunately, they still haven't gotten over how we banished all the wicked folk to the Just Desert. If you stumble across a Macji'Ozara folk, however, it would do you good to barter for some arcane knowledge.
How Folk Access Magic
Promised Magic
Folk who use Promised Magic receive their magic from a Being with vast energy reserves, such as gods or powerful fiends. Use of these magics are predicated on their commitment to the Being and can be taken away if they fail to abide by their promise. Examples: Paladins, Clerics, Warlocks, Druids, Rangers.   Zalmawi Magic
Folk who use Zalmawi Magic receive their magic through Zalmawi symbols, text, or spoken word. They often access higher magic through intense study and gain magical energy through the elemental and dream rondure of Adazuri, as well as through the energy of the Labyrinth. Zalmawi Magic users are known to carefully conceal the secrets of their school of thought. Examples: Wizards, Warders, Artificers, Bards.   Energy Magic
Folk who use Energy Magic draw upon their own magical energy reserves. This magic may be chaotic or even dangerous at times. Additionally, one must have great discipline as to not over-extend their magical energy reserves, as it could lead to exhaustion or even death. Examples: Sorcerers, Monks, Spellbinders, Mikkyo-nins, Ki Masters, Crittermorph Trainers.

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Interesting article. The most interesting part is that different ethnicities/cultures have discovered different ways of use, similar to how I imagine in my world. A good beginning to explain the magic system of the world.

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I'm glad you liked it. The hardest part about creating a fantasy world, at least for me, is trying to explain all the different ways that magic manifests itself and how it has evolved into systems.

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