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Dintavo, Dragon King of Dracelo (Den-ta-VO)

The only thing Dintavo, the Dragon King of Dracelo, loves more than their gems and gold are humans. It's a well-documented fact that nearly half of the Half-Dragons in Tifwado City can call them a parent. (Or grandparent, but Dintavo hates to be reminded of their age.)
  Dintavo is a silver dragon who prefers to live in human form. Young for a dragon, with around six hundred years to their name, Dintavo is nevertheless the oldest resident of Tifwado City. Dintavo has always had a special affinity for humans. Which is perhaps why they have fallen in love with so many of the short-lived Folks. In addition to their hundreds of children over hundreds of years, Dintavo has the power to transform their most trusted companions. Folk can be reborn through Dintavo, taking on aspects their icy powers and natural silver dragon form. These changes are permanent and can be passed down through the generations.  
Nearly all the Dragonborn of Tifwado City are silver. However, it is easy to tell the Dragonborn of Dintavo's ancestors (commonly referred to as the Dracelo lineage) and the Dragonborn of Dintavo (commonly referred to as the Dintavo lineage). Dracelo lineage Dragonborn have prominent draconic features and physique. Whereas, the Dintavo lineage Dragonborn have smaller cosmetic changes to their features. It is supposed that Dintavo's affinity to humans causes Dragonborns they rebirth to have fewer Draconic features, even if their powers are equal to the Dracelo lineage.
  Dintavo is the founder and sole proprietor of the Treasure Hunting Adventuring Crew(THAC), which specializes in discovering lost artifacts. Not one for the tedium of day-to-day work, they have a trusted Dragonborn who manages the league in their place. THAC is a fine enough adventuring establishment, if all you care about is spelunking for lost treasures.  
Dintavo prefers the use of they pronouns and refers to themselves in the Royal We. Although typically presenting as masculine when in their human form, Dintavo has been known to shape change into a female human form when they wish to experience motherhood and childbirth.   Despite their love for loving humans, Dintavo is typically monogamous, wooing one partner at a time. However, after the birth of their child, Dintavo tends to lose interest in the current object of their affection. Quickly moving on to another potential suitor. They continue to treat all past suitors with playful affection, if not a little distant. And leaves them with a parting gift that will allow their Half-Dragon child to live a wealthy life. One thing Dintavo cannot tolerate is a suitor who uses deceit to prevent a child. If they discover deceit in a suitor, they will leave him or her with nothing but cold disinterest.
  Although Dintavo owns the tallest building in Tifwado City, it is not their true lair. Their home in Tifwado City is an open and bustling palace where all Folk are invited to explore. Dintavo especially enjoys hosting lavish dinner parties and balls. The home is a sight to behold, resembling a spiraled icicle and just as cold inside. Dintavo hates the heat of Tifwado summers and springs and falls. They find a modest amount of satisfaction with the winters. Their lair, however, is located outside of the City. The location is known to none. Many believe that Dintavo only transforms into their true Silver Dragon form while in the lair. However, on a clear day, you may spot a silver dragon grace the skies of the Western Continent.
A King with No Kingdom
Before the Devils Storm, Dintavo's kingdom, Dracelo was attacked by Demons. A mere wyrmling at the time, The Silver Queen bequeathed them to her most trusted Dragonborn advisors to ferry them to safety. Dintavo's parents were killed in the war, along with most of the humans. Other humans and Dragonborn fled, eventually reuniting with the young Dintavo, where they lived as refugees in a far more isolated time. The humans that remained sided with the Devil to gain more power . . . their bodies twisted by the Devil's magic to become Orcs. These devils and orcs continue their fight today in a never-ending battle against the Demon hordes.   Those closest to Dintavo have hinted that beneath their blithe demeanor, they long for their stolen homeland. The gems they collect are not for mere hoarding, but to assemble the most formidable army to reclaim the Barren Mountains. Dintavo loathes war, but mourns the memory of the great Silver Dragon kingdom, now reduced to a wasted battleground for Devils, Demons, and the Fallen Orcs.

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