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The Red Lions

The Red Lions are an elite unit charged with guarding the members of the Troyso royal family. They can be seen guarding the King, quite visible in their shiny plate mail armor, wearing a belted tabard over it bearing the Troyso Arms, and topped with a white sash, worn crosswise from left shoulder to right hip, bearing the rampant red lion above the heart. They bear longswords on their hips, and carry ceremonial pikes, that are still quite sharp.   Not just anyone can become a Red Lion. Members are recruited from within the veterans of the Palace Guards. First, one must undergo background checks, be hired as a Palace Guard, and serve a minimum of two years. To be eligible, one has to do extra training during one's time as a Palace Guard in preparation. The most ambitious guards work hard in their spare time to qualify for the honor. Then they go through the trials, fighting with each other and the guard master with various weapons. There is also a literacy and intelligence test, as well as a second round of background screening.   The Red Lions, as a unit, were first instituted in 1197, after Mulsi Sternhunter's assassination attempt on Queen Sizha. Mulsi was able to hire a woman to infiltrate the palace guards and get herself assigned to bodyguard duty. She attempted to stab Sizha in the back with a poisoned poniard, and was cut down in the act by Brom Sunglory, who swiftly pushed the Queen to the floor at the time. Afterwards, the Queen instituted a new system of bodyguard recruitment, forming the Red Lions, and naming Brom the guard master of the new unit - after pardoning him for damaging the royal person with scrapes, cuts, and bruises.
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