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Deepwalker Dynasty (ˈDeep-Wah-Kehr)

Monarchs of Troyso, the Deepwalkers have roots stretching back to first King Ramun Seaspire, his Clan of Brittlecairn and beyond. While they might be three degrees of kinship from the original Seaspire line, they still had plenty of old blood from the other lines that came out of the Clan. Their family crest is testatment to their Brittlecairn roots.   When it became clear that it was likely that King Ramun II was going to die without a suitable heir, and that the next closest candidates were both equally qualified, the Deepwalkers took action, forging alliances and marriages among the older noble houses. They met the death of the king with a solid base of support behind them. This allowed them to defeat the less organized Sternhunter faction in 5 short years in what is known as the War of Succesion.   The Deepwalkers first took the monarchy in 1195 NE. Queen Sizha was the first to sit on the throne, and a precarious seat it was. She did much to stablize the Deepwalkers' position in the kingdom. Others have followed in her footsteps, and now the Deepwalker legacy seems unshakeable.   Early on, the Deepwalkers kept things close to home, taking spouses from other noble houses to solidify support of their rule, but more recently, they have begun marrying into other Royal families, hoping to increase their influence and diplomatic presence beyond their borders. Some noble families have questioned this practice, especially with the introduction of Fire Genasi blood to the royal line. Others hail it as a bold step forward; literal new blood coming into the family. The question now becomes "what happens when a Fire Genasi ends up as heir?" Only time will tell.


No matter how long they live in Oakencrest, the Deepwalkers consider themselves Brittlecairners at heart. They still hold to the moorland ways, in addition to the general Troyso customs. They keep a kennel of fine purebreed Brittlecairn Coursers for hunting, and on formal occasions will dress in the traditional style of the clan chiefs and their families. The fact that the heir presumptive gains the Duchy of Brittlecairn upon their majority just re-emphasizes that tie, as he or she gets to know the people and the land of their ancestral home.

Stand United!

Deepwalker Family Coat of Arms
Deepwater Monarchs
Founding Date
1195 NE
Political, Family
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