The Infiltration Crew

This the weekly meeting of the crew. First off let's go over the minutes from the last meeting. Last week FuzzFace informed ud that the King is looking for his son. There is a reward out for his SAFE return. Does anyone have any information to add on this topic?... ... ... Anyone? No? Okay, new business. I have heard through some of my contacts that the Crown is considering increasing the taxes on the guild. This increase is from our regular 35% to 65% of our take. In order to hide our actual income it will be required that we cook the books. By a show of hands, all in favour... all oppsed... good the motion is carried we cook the books. This will require two sets of ledgers, oone for the guild and one for tax purposes. Now as it is getting on to dinner time, call this meeting adjourned.
— BeakNose to the crew



As a shadow organization and unit their numbers are unknown. It is estimated to be about 30 strong but that could be an exaggeration.


This particular unit utilizes, daggers, poison, and blackmail.


Their favourite tactic is to lie in the shadows and remove targets of opportunity. They then frame someone else for the deed in order to remove them from a position where they can threaten the guild leader.


They must adept at sleight of hand, backstabbing, and information gathering.


Logistical Support

Each member of this team has their own web of informants and operatives. This can be from bribing the local constabulary to servants in noble houses. Street children are highly sought after and paid for information. This does not prevent the children from selling the information to different members.


There is no formal recruitment per se. That does not mean that members of the thieve's guild aren't approached to join this unit as it is designed to protect the guild leader. The main requirement is that of being nondescript and having been able to infiltrate certain levels of government.


The Infiltration Crew commonly reffered to as the crew, was a loose group of individuals who took it upon themselves to protect the Guild leader. They really don't care who the leader is, but with enough incentive will become zealously loyal to current leader. Some guildies have been known to buy the loyalty of the crew just before revealing that they are planning on taking out the current leader.   The primary role is not just to protect the leader of the guild but to remove any threat to the guild itself. This entailed gathering information about who was close to identifying the guildmembers or removing those members who were close to betraying the guild.


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