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The Town Guard

A sector of Empire forces, the Town Guard are responsible for protecting the common folk within the smaller settlements within the Querian Empire.



The average Town Guard ranges from around 25 to 50 people, depending on the size of the town and the importance of the assets within. Generally ten or more of those guard will be posted in patrols around the town and at the town entrances, while the rest will be posted in and around the Lawhouse to protect the Mayor and Lawmaster within.


All Town Guard are given a basic level of combat training in the use of swords and firearms. Restraint techniques and defensive formations are taught to the guard of individual towns, depending on the projected level of local crime -- usually it is little more than training on intervention in the case of bar fights or petty criminals. Those stationed around the Lawhouse gain a slightly higher level of training, acting as heavily armed bodyguards and trained to kill with efficiency if they need to.



As they make for an easy source of labour, Town Guard are usually recruited from the general populace. Any who are able bodied can pledge themselves the guard for a decent wage, though their initial pay is dependant on their level of experience on entry -- those who require extra training are usually paid at a lower rate until they have proven their worth.


Historical loyalties

The Town Guard are pledged under oath to the Querian Empire, sworn to uphold the Empire's law at any cost under threat of execution in the face of treason. Many are under contracts for a certain number of years, though there are many who were once criminals or served under Goran who are only permitted under a lifelong contract.
Overall training Level

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