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Aurea's Warriors

The most important person to the Alreian religion, Geom Ateria, is the Painted Lady. An elite group of Aurea’s Maidens function as her guard at all times.


The main duty of Aurea’s Warriors is to guard the Painted Lady. However, the Painted Lady is herself a Maiden and trained in similar ways. Because of this, they often fight alongside her. It has been many years since the Painted Lady needed to be protected in the sense other important people need protection. Alreia is a peaceful country, and no attempts are made to take the Painted Lady’s life, as she is Aurea Reincarnated, and killing her would be great blasphemy.
Protection of the Painted Lady mainly takes place on the road, when the Painted Lady travels the lands of Alreia. While nature is treasured by Alreians, beasts often need to be slayed nonetheless for the life of the Painted Lady is even more precious.

Training and Recruitment

All Maidens of Aurea's Flutter have combat training. It is not only a necessity, but also part of their history and traditions. Maidens are trained in hand-to-hand combat, weapons training with a focus on archery and Botuna short swords. However, the majority of training is in mysticism. After assignment of duty, most Maidens reduce their combat training significantly, except for traditional sword dances.
The most able-bodied Maidens are chosen by Aurea’s Warriors themselves to join their ranks. Out of all duties a Maiden can have, Aurea’s Warriors change most often, with young blood joining the ranks and older Maidens leaving to pick up other duties when their fighting days are over.


Aurea’s Warriors do not know ranks: they all carry the title Aurea’s Warrior. However, they are often led by the oldest and most experienced Maiden, who is aided by the second oldest. This way there is always someone to go to for questions and aid. Orders usually come from the Painted Lady herself, often in discussion with the two eldest Warriors.
Geom Ateria
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