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Native to the country of Alreia, Alreians used to live in seclusion from the rest of the world. For centuries, they had minimal contact with other countries, and only a few outsiders had laid eyes upon their marvellous cities such as the capital of Csalnia. Since the rapid technological, cultural and mystical development that occurred globally the past decades, Alreia has opened their borders to trade, and Alreian artisan goods are highly sought after.


Like all Aedilon, and unlike most other Odezian peoples, Alreians have rounded ears, and are generally small of stature. Out of all Aedilon peoples, Alreians have the most distinct and bright features. With golden skin and amber eyes, they are often described as touched by Divines by other races. Their hair is often light, brass, copper or bronze, and shimmers when the light just hits it right.


As one of the oldest cultures still alive today, the Alreian culture has a rich history. How old certain traditions are is hard to determine, but it is suspected some even date back to the Twilight Era, and are still practiced the same today. This is one of the reasons why people from around the world are in awe with the Alreian culture. However, some call them old-fashioned because of it.

Religious influence

The Alreian culture is largely based around their religion: Geom Ateria. And thus, many values, traditions and arts have developed from it. Geom Ateria focuses on the individual as part of the whole. Part of the community, part of the living, part of nature. Peaceful preservation of knowledge, history and nature is important to maintain balance, for even the smallest butterfly flapping their wings can cause a tornado several weeks later.

Exquisite artisans

Alreians are great artisans, something they have always been well-known for around the world. In times when only a few outsiders were privileged to witness the magnificence of Alreian artisans, written records by these travellers made the artisans seem like myth to the rest of the world. Great delicate sculptures interlaced with bright metal, and intricate weaved tapestries made from Alreian Silk. Nowadays, art is main export product of Alreia, for the rich around the world long to have a sculpture as the centrepiece of their garden, or have an tapestry decorate the walls of their entrance hall.
Many different types of Aureian silk exist. They differ in plant fibre used, weaving technique and bead embroidering technique.
Luflea silk is mostly loved in other Namdan countries, and has become a major export product in the past few decades.


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