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Continent of Namda



Area wise Alreia is one of Namda’s largest countries, population wise it is one of the smallest. At first glance, one might even think the land is not inhabited, and uninhabitable for frighteningly only a handful of umbar trees can be found in the country. However, settlements are carefully concealed from the casual traveller’s eye. Hidden valleys between mountains, the centre of thick forests and cliffside beaches are home to grand and beautiful cities.
For most of history, Alreia has kept to themselves. They are a peaceful people, with an age-old culture focussed on the beauty of nature and life. Their delicate and skilful art is appreciated all around the world, and, since opening their borders for trade, has become their main export product.


Aventarleis a significant country in central Namda. Surrounded by mountains and sea, Aventarle has a temperate climate. Aventarle is best known for passages through the Vaspor Mountains: the mountain range separating Namda from Erumir, thus connecting the two continents. Trade through the mountains has made Aventarle a rich kingdom, and many scholars on the forefront of scientific discoveries make the country their home.

Frozen Isles

The Frozen Isles lay north of mainland Namda in the Northern Sea. The three major and ten minor islands are connected by the frozen sea in the cold seasons, and are only visibly separate pieces of land when the ice melts. The Isles know both the longest and the shortest days in Namda, with the sun never setting in high summer, and barely rising during winter.
The inhabitants of the Frozen Isles are a hardy people, as such an environment requires, adept sailors and even more skilled storytellers. The Frozen Isles are most famous for their okaplan shrubs, which only grow on the frozen tundra, and the heart stones which are gathered from their fruits.


Garyiala is one of Namda’s largest countries. Situated in central Namda, it connects the different countries of the continent. Its landscapes vary greatly: from sharp mountains to rolling hills to river valleys, and from wetlands to thick forests to cold deserts.
For many centuries, Garyiala has been one of the main powers of Namda, sitting on top of the largest sun crystal deposits in the continent. Because of this, Garyiala was able to develop much quicker than other countries.
With history dating back to the Twilight Era, Garyialan culture is a rich one, and even more so diverse due to all the different ethnicities making the country their home.


Located in northern Namda, the majority of Imcri is made of taiga landscapes, with the most northern regions tundra. Much of it is covered by dense forest and frozen wasteland, but also enough grassland for nomadic cultures to thrive.


Kritmorc is a theocracy with a rich history that goes back many centuries. Interestingly, while Kritmorc culture has changed little over the last centuries, the people are little focussed on the past, only on the present and future. This is mirrored in many of their costums, such as markerless graves.
Being a theocracy, state and religion are closely intertwined. Both head of state and head of the Niril church is the trilochion, who's duties rely heavily on the oracular abilities of the Oracle of Nir.


by M Lee
While occasionally included as part of Namda, Oandeon sees itself as separate. Surrounded by two mountain chains and an ocean, Oandeon is rather secluded from the rest of the continent.
Most of its land is covered in jungle and wet forest, with the coastline dotted by many lively mangroves.


Utreas is the only country part of two continents, with a quarter of its land actually extending into Taklasil.
Most settlements can be found near the two seas which split the country in two. While the seas are dangerous ones, Utreans have found a way to safely navigate its waters.
While Utreas owns a large number of sun crystal mines for its size, the country has mainly become a wealthy state built upon trade, being the most important connection between Namda and northern Taklasil.















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