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Vaspor Mountains

The natural border between the continents of Namda and Erumir consists largely of the Vaspor Mountains. Passage through this mountain chain is difficult but for a few roads which are heavily controlled and guarded by both bordering countries; Kritmorc in Namda and Amesval in Erumir.


The Vaspor runs from the Ekuran Ocean in the north to the Deldoan Sea in the south, and by doing so separates the countries of Kritmorc and Amesval. The mountains are famous for its beautiful valleys and gorges where the wealthy often have a winter home.
Of all the valleys and gorges, the Terdall Gorge is the widest and most travelled. It is named after the Terdall River which flows through it westwards, towards Kritmorc. The road through the Terdall Gorge eventually passes through the Implien Valley on the eastern side of the mountains, where the Impdal River runs through Amesval towards the Deldoan Sea.

Flora and Fauna

Located north on the continents, the average climate at the base of the mountains is already mild: summers are not too warm and winters not too cold. When the elevation starts to increase, the climate quickly gets colder. Temperate broadleaf forests make place for mixed and coniferous forests, and eventually for alpine tundra. In winter, mountains and valleys are covered in a thick layer of snow.
In the mountains, small antelopes and goat-like animals such as the ibex live happily at rather high altitudes. Many rodents such as voles and hares live in large colonies beneath the earth, where they hibernate during winter. Large birds include eagles and vultures, while smaller birds include wagtails, finches and sparrows. In spring, the mountains are home to many colourful plants and butterflies. The largest predator living in the mountains is the Vaspor brown bear. It is one of the reasons roads are well guarded.

Passage through the mountains

Several passes cross the Vaspor Mountains, which are all strictly controlled by the countries on both sides of the border. Outposts and gates dot the border between the countries where merchants and travellers are checked before they are allowed to pass. The roads through the mountains used as main trade routes are patrolled by soldiers/guards from both countries and several watchtowers and a few merchant’s lodges line the way, ensuring safe travel. Other roads lead through nomansland and travellers should be wary of highwaymen and wild animals.
The Bronston Road is the most travelled route through the mountains. It passes through the Terdall Gorge, one of the most beautiful valleys cutting through the mountains. The road follows the Terdall River through the Gate of the Moon, a large half-circular window in the mountain face. The mountain rock around the window is carved in the shape of two fish, an ancient symbol for the moon and river gods.

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