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The Gate of the Moon

Several passes cross the Vaspor Mountains, connecting the countries of Kritmorc and Amesval, and thus also the continents of Namda and Erumir. One of the main travelled roads passes through the Gate of the Moon, a kilometres high half-circular window in the mountain face.

Moon spirit or river guardian

When crossing the Vaspor Mountains through the Terdall Gorge, taking the Bronston Road (one of the main roads), one inevitably passes through the Gate of the Moon. The Terdall Gorge is the widest of the gorges through the mountains and named after the Terdall River which roars through it towards Kritmorc. Several kilometres into the mountains, the gorge seems to be abruptly cut off by kilometre high mountain rock. However, when getting closer, the great window of at least half a kilometre through that piece of mountain becomes visible, through which both road and river run. This is the Gate of the Moon. The window is vaguely shaped like a half-circle split in two unequal halves by a thick pillar of rock. Through the smaller of the two halves the road passes, and through the bigger of the two the river. The mountain rock around the river is carved in the shape of two fish. Exactly positioned from east to west, the rise and descent of both sun and moon can be viewed through the gate, which is said to be an impressive sight to behold.
The purpose and origin of the Gate of the Moon is uncertain. The fish iconography is today not often used as a symbol for the moon, but by a few cultures in rural areas of both Kritmorc and Amesval. Some historians argue the fish actually represent guardians of the river instead of moon spirits. The decoration on the gate is suspected to date back to the Twilight Era, and the gate might have been a holy place for a civilization now long gone.


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