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Okaplan shrubs

The okaplan is a plant native to northern Namda, specifically to Imcri and the Frozen Isles. It is not only famous for the fact that it miraculously only grows on the frozen tundra, but because the seeds from the fruits it bears can be used as heart stones, channelers used by mages. 

Botanical Characteristics

The okaplan is a perennial plant, like the majority of the plants growing on the frozen tundra, but can grow much larger in comparison. Most okaplans grow into decently sized shrubs of about a meter in height. The plant has large compound leaves with five or seven leaflets, and a somewhat waxy coating.
Okaplans are precious because of the small amount of channeler-worthy seed-containing fruit they bear. Only once a decennium does the okaplan flower bright red, and the number of seeds useable as channelers is often limited to ten per plant. The plant flowers in late spring and early summer, and fruits are harvested throughout the summer season.


Okaplan is cultivated extensively in the Frozen Isles and northern Imcri. Several attempts have been made to breed the plant in such a way to increase yield, but to no success as of yet. Instead, okaplan fields are organised in what is called the decade grid. The plants are placed in such a way that they have enough space to grow each decade without bothering the neighbouring plant, and bear fruit in succession.

Cultural Significance

The okaplan is such an important plant to the Frozen Isles and Imcri, that many inhabitants see the plant as cultural heritage. The plant is integrated in the flag of the Frozen Lander Council. Additionally, amongst others, the Brunn Trading Company, the largest trading company in the north which started as simple transport between the Frozen Isles and Imcri, uses the okaplan fruit as their symbol.

Okaplan Fruit

With a very low yield of channeler-worthy seed-containing fruit comes a high yield of regular fruit. This excess has been used for many generations in a variety of ways. Sugared, candied, dried, fermented to produce wine and other liquors, the fruit is used in many different ways. Most famous is okaplan jam, supposed to be eaten on thick dark bread or with yoghurt.


Okaplan channelers are an important trade product within and outside of the Frozen Isles and Imcri. While not the most fruitful way of acquiring channelers, but definitely one of the safest, they are highly sought after by the less adventurous mage community all around the world. Okaplan channelers can be found in use as far south as Taklasil.

Namdan delicacy 

Okaplan jam has become a delicacy in Namdan countries to the south of Imcri and the Frozen Isles, and is highly sought after for fancy dinner parties.


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