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The Furies

Logo & Motto

by Majabel_Creaciones

Curabitur Iustitiae Non Est


After the formation of the empire of Mythica there was the need for a special guard that not only protected the emperor but also served justice. The Furies, as they were called at first, where spreading quickly around the empire. Even to the waters. On one point in time, the Monster Hunters where part of the Watchward Navy. But when the emperor decided the monster hunter were no long needed, they were cut off. Now they Monster Hunters are running a separated organization.


The uniform is a unisex uniform. The uniform is totally made from Giant Squad or Sea serpent leather. The headband is made from bras, copper or gold. This depends on what was available. Every fury has a whip and a sword as weapons. In the purge, the keep short pieces of rope.

Report to

All the furies report to the current emperor Midas, Midas is a strict ruler who loves order in his domain. He let the furies know when they let a criminal walk, the only criminal he doesn't want to be caught is Euna Vertect how killed her husband when he attacked her.


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Empirale Guard, police

Date of Founding

Year two Before Flood

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