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Euna Vertect

Captain (a.k.a. The Siren)

Personal History

Euna was born and raised in Volubteam her mother was a whore and her father was a captain of his own ship. When Euna was old enough, she became a member of the Monster Hunters and became part of her father's crew. Purely by incident, but he treated her just like the others on the ship. When her father stepped down she became purely on election, the Captain.  


Euna married to a young officer when she became captain. But soon found out that he had not a gentle heart and he hit her when ever he had the change. On one night, he came after her while she was holding her trident. She didn't want to kill him, but she also wouldn't take another beating. After his death, she fled her house and fled with her ship to the Lone Isles.  

Leader of the Guild

Euna is still wanted for her husband's murder, by the Watchward, although they know it was out of self-defense. Also, they know where she currently is, after two years of her husband's murder she was smuggled back into Volubteam. She currently lives in the Guild Headquarters, deep in the Heavens, the pleasure part of the town. The Furies will not come to her, and she doesn't come to them.    
Euna Vertect, Aye, we know where she is. Let her be, that man of her was a bastard who loved his liquor too much. He deserved a beating of his own. Aye, he is dead now. We know laddy but she is doing some good there and if she thinks for a second to break the law again...
— A Fury


Current Location
Current Residence
Sea blue
Dark red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization

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