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Monster Hunters


Brave men and women, those monster hunters. My youngest wants to join them when he gets older, I don't know if I would like that it's still a dangerous profession.
— Woman
by Heroforge by Nathalia Books



After the Day of the Flood  the practice of using Monsters of the River, as beast of burden, was abandoned. In the fear that the monsters would attack the traveling ships on the Dark Street, a new type of hunter was formed.  


First, the hunters were part of the navy of Mythica. They traveled in the name of the crown and The Nameless Fate. But when it became clear that monsters were near extinction, the hunters were cut out of the service.  


The most hunters didn't believe the Street was safe enough to travel on. So they offer their services to the merchant ships, of course to the highest bidder.  

Monster hunter Guild

Every ship that names its self a Monster Hunter ship, has to be part of the guild. This gives the merchants some kind of warranty. That their ships are well protected. Also, the guild provide weapons to fight the monsters.

by 177419



Heroforge & DeeDee51


The Captain of the ship is easy to recognize between the rest of his/her crew. The Captain wears an admirals hat, a left over of their time in the navy. The color of their outfit is dark red with purple accents. Their weapon of choice is trident. The Captain is also allowed to wear jewelry.  

Male Sailors

The male Sailors are wearing dark brown clothing, with blue accents. On their heads, they are wearing a dark brown scarf against the sun. If the sailor is married, they are allowed to wear a simple wedding ring, made from river monster teeth. Only not many sailors are doing that. Maybe that is because of superstition. All the sailors have their own trident, this one is made from gilded steel. So they are not mixed up with the trident of the Captain.  

Female Sailors

Women are allowed on the ships, as long they don't have young childeren. If they have, they need to take care of their children first until the youngest reaches the age of 13. Then the woman can come back on board. Also, if the woman is married to another sailor or Captain, they are not allowed on the same ship. This is to prevent that children will become parentless in one blow. The women are wearing a simple white top with an under breast corset. They are wearing, like the man, a scarf on their head, to protect them from the sun. When a woman becomes Captain, she will add the admirals head to her outfit. Women are allowed to wear jewelry, but not many will do that because it will set them apart from the man.  

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Navy, Mercenaries

Founding Date

20-02-202     Founding of the Monster Hunters

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