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After the Day of the Flood  the practice of using Monsters of the River, as beast of burden, was abandoned. In the fear that the monsters would attack the traveling ships on the Dark Street, a new type of hunter was formed.

Career Progression

by Heroforge by Nathalia

Signing up

If someone wants to join the Monster hunters, they need to be assinged at the Monster hunters Guild. The guild assigned them to a ship, they also give the new sailor their uniform and trident.  

At the ship

When the new sailor arrives at the ship, he or she must introduce themselves to the Captain. This is more a sign of respect than a real task. The Captain is then responsible for their safety and in charge of assigning them their first task, this is often scrubbing the deck.  

At the Dark Street

Every new sailor needs to be below deck when the ship set sail. They get from a seasoned sailor a lesson in handling the trident. When the seasoned sailor is satisfied with the new sailor's progress, then they are allowed up to the deck. If not, he or she is assigned to the kitchen for the next voyage. Until they get it right, this not to punish them, but more for keeping them safe. When a sailor can't handle a trident well, he/she is a danger for themselves and the rest of the crew. After three or four voyages on deck, the new sailor loses its title new and becomes a seasoned sailor.


You know what I really hate?
Well enlighten me?
Those fancy folk in the navy, who are acting like our jobs, are not that important.
Yeah, I hate that as well. But you need to learn to live with that.
I think you are right.
Of course, I am right.
Hi, I am not paying you to talk! Go back to work, you two!
Yes Captain!
  Images: Heroforge and DeeDee51


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200 G.P. , every time sailed.


Sailor, Mercenary

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